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How to fulfil your vision



Without a vision, you live an aimless and directionless life.

With a vision, you live life intentionally. Vision controls your life, your choices and your associations.

Vision arrests you to a confined simple lifestyle. Without a vision, you do anything or many things which at times don’t get you anywhere. Purpose creates your vision.

Purpose makes you to live for that big thing.

With purpose, you know you live a fulfilled life.

One wise author said without a vision, people perish.

Vision is everything you need for success.

Vision is life. A vision is powerful.

A vision builds a simple life; but a structured and goal-oriented life.

If you don’t have a clear vision, you will spend the rest of your life serving people with visions.

This includes spending your life at a job, which you might not even love.

Know your vision and live a great life. Success is not about having things, but having a clear vision about your life. I have seen rich people who are not significant because they don’t know why they are there.

I have seen materially poor people who are aware of their vision and live a significant life, soon rising to their riches. A vision controls your life. Vision makes you live a specified life, makes you associate with certain people, and indulge your mind in specific things.
Vision creates value
Make yourself a person of value. Master one thing that you are known for.

Be a master in your field. The world is looking for experts, not just general people. How do you become an expert? By becoming valuable in a specific area. The more you are valued, the more people seek for you.

Companies and generations are looking for people with value. At times you don’t need to look for a job, but you have to increase your value to an extent that people will be willing to give you a job or work without you applying for it.

Write down the vision

If you don’t write it, your mind will soon forget about it or wander everywhere.

In other words, writing the vision crystallises your life.

You must know your future, and that should be written down.

When writing your vision down, you must be of a clear mind.

Listen to your guts and God. Listen to your deeper being and yearnings.

Write your unique value-proposition. How is your vision going to help other people?

Create the vision

When you have written it, create that vision.

Vision without venture is void. Work on your life.

Work on it everyday. Create your life. Create your influence. Create your greatness. Create your fame. Work on that vision everyday. Take those daily baby-steps. They matter and will make you a master.

People matter to your vision

If you know your vision, you choose people you spend your life with.

Your vision determines who you kiss or don’t kiss. Not everyone should stick with you.

You don’t need everyone. People may help you become better, but you must be selective and align your vision only to a few selected individuals. Learn from other people.

So, choose people you spend your life with. Some people add value, whereas others may take value away from you. I grew up in a poor environment, so what I needed were rich people to help me become better; and they did.
Your vision determines your library

Your vision chooses what you feed your mind with. How big is your library? What does your library entail? What movies do you watch? What do you watch them for? What music do you listen to? Why do you listen to it? A vision must be grown everyday by learning from other people’s ideas.

Your vision gives you focus

Vision determines how you spend your time. It determines what you focus on. Tony Robbins says “where focus goes, energy flows”. Choose your priorities.

Choose how you spend your time, but that is only possible when you have a clearly defined vision. Because you have a vision, you purposely spend your life. You work intentionally and invest in your library and people cautiously and intentionally.

Expose you mind

To grow your vision, your mind must be exposed to bigger things.

Your vision can grow only to the extent of your mental exposure.

Learn, look, leverage, and link with bigger people who will grow your vision.

Your current friends might be good, but might not be good to expose you to greater thinking. Yes, you love them, but you must leave them.

Vision energises your life

Vision determines what you spend your energy on. Your mental improvement is determined by your vision.

Your fun and hobbies are centred along your vision. With a vision, you know where to put your resources into.

Vision determines what you meditate on, and what you talk about most of the times. Vision determines what you do.

At times vision pushes you to do painful , but important things. Vision protects you from doing “nice” things.

Nice might not be nice for your success. Have a vision.

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