Granny attempts suicide after being raped by Gumbura cleric


A 63-YEAR-OLD Chivhu woman attempted to kill herself after she was allegedly raped by a pastor belonging to convicted rapist Robert Martin Gumbura’s RMG Independent End Time Message Church.

Wallas Pangenyama of Mt Pleasant appeared before magistrate Morgan Nemadire facing rape charges.

The woman told the court that she threw herself into a well in an attempt to end her life since she was being troubled by the rape.

She explained how she went into the restroom before Pangenyama allegedly barged in and gagged her mouth with his right hand. The accused allegedly overpowered the woman and raped her.

The complainant said after the rape she went to Chivhu where she reported the case, but police did nothing.

She then came to Harare and again reported the matter to the police, leading to Pangenyama’s arrest. Ads

According to the State, sometime in March last year, Pangenyama together with other members of the church visited Chivhu rural area preaching and the complainant was converted to the church before being baptised together with others.

After the baptism, Pangenyama allegedly invited the complainant to his plot through someone only identified as Hezvo, but she refused.

It is alleged that in April last year, the complainant together with other women were invited and driven to Pangenyama’s house in Mt Pleasant, Harare for Easter Friday and when they arrived they were offered a room to sleep.

It is reported that in the morning, the complainant woke up and went to the restroom where Pangenyama forced his way into the room before he allegedly raped her. The State alleged that she went back to Chivhu and told her husband who then advised her to
report the matter to the police.


  1. I hate rape and abhor rapist
    but it’s written: you’ll know them by their fruits, and on decides to join them…well it i a personal matter, but why my risky choices?
    again, when raped at a home simultaneously housing many other women in Harare, one decides to go to Chivu and weaken the case…

  2. It’s a shame, using the name Gumbura just to sell an article. Just for the record there is no Pastor and has never been a Pastor ordained under Robert Martin Gumbura named Wallas Pangenyama.

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