IN PICTURES: Doctors’ march for #BringBackDrPeter

Pictures by Shepherd Tozvireva

Doctors took to the street today to protest against the the alleged abduction of Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association (ZHDA) acting president Peter Magombeyi from his Harare home by three masked men on Saturday night.

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  3. Janana Bikaz Bikela

    If this Doctor is not brought back by those who abducted him then we are all prone to the same tactics by the regime.Dissapperance without trace.It calls for a united front by people from all walks of life.Why vanhu tasvika pakurerutsa hupenyu hwevana vevanhu kusvika pakadai?Are these abductions being done by real human beings with feelings?Its it being done by people with families that they love?Or they are sending some low lives with no respect for human life who are prepared to kill for a fee?God is watching and i promise all those who are in this business of abducting innocent citizens will get it worse than their victims.Mwari vanosvinurira vanhu vavo and His wrath will destroy the wicked and evil hearted with much power.Be warned all you goons who are sent to do dirty jobs to appease your paymaster.Soon enough you will find out that there is more to life than those few pieces of silver that they give you to abduct and kill.You are sowing seeds of suffering to your own families,seeds of lamentation for your offsprings.Take heed!

  4. Its funny that we were told about these abduction in January by some guy at Alpha Media and I didn’t believe him. He put it as the new strategy for MDC and that there will be a number of them. Its a shame when you then see the politics happening

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