Zim ratifying African Court on Human Rights Protocol

Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs minister Ziyambi Ziyambi has promised that Zimbabwe will soon ratify the African Court on Human and People’s Rights protocol.


Speaking at a sensitisation seminar of the African Court in Harare yesterday, Ziyambi said Zimbabwe was currently in the process of making procedures to ratify the protocol, joining up to 30 States in Africa already part of the court.

“The President of Zimbabwe said we should go ahead and ratify the charter. This seminar will be an interactive session, but the Head of State has already given us the go-ahead to move into the ratification of the charter,” he said.

“We need to ensure that we are sensitised as to the role of the court, all the while raising awareness of its functions while we go through the necessary procedures to ensure that we ratify the protocol.”

Also speaking during the seminar, president of the court, Ore Sylvain, said by signing the protocol, individuals and non-governmental organisations in the country would be able to file cases directly before the court.
“This declaration allows individuals and non-governmental organisations to file cases directly before the court,” he said.

“At a time when Africa is striving for independence in terms of human rights instruments, we are of the view that the time is now to provide the legal means for your country to concretise this instrument through ratification, which will reflect your status in Africa.”

Sylvian said Zimbabweans would now have another avenue in raising the red flag on alleged cases of abuse of human rights.

“Ratifying the protocol means citizens from Zimbabwe are going to have an avenue when it comes to protection of human rights. It’s very important to have this international look on human rights violation, which is to have the international standards in our continent,” he said. The African Court on Human and People’s Rights is a continental court established by member States of the African Union to enhance the protection of human rights.

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