Tsikirai embarks on women empowerment

BULAWAYO-BORN Afro-pop musician and former Mpopoma drama group member, Tsungai Tsikirai, has embarked on a crusade to empower women in their areas of specialty as a way of bridging the gap between them and men.


The Mpopoma drama group later evolved into Iyasa.

“I believe, as artistes, when we come together we make a greater impact on our communities and we can influence change. For instance, I am one of many female artistes who are working in a predominately male industry.
Unfortunately, women still have to fight for their place in society,” she said.

“However, I want to inspire and empower other women who are in the arts or any industry of choice that they can succeed in anything they set their mind on.”

Tsikirai said she wanted her music to bridge the gap that divides people from different cultures.

“I was born and raised in Bulawayo by my parents who are both Shona, therefore, I had the privilege of being exposed to two very different yet rich cultures,” she said.

“I have learnt to appreciate the difference of both (Shona and Ndebele cultures) because they are part of the fabric that makes up Tsungai Tsikirai the person and inspires my music.”

The musician, who has been in talks with other artistes for collaborations, said: “This (collabo) may take a bit of time due to scheduling and diary syncing as you may already be aware that artistes have busy schedules.

“I am also of the school of thought that you have to collaborate with artistes, not just to make music, but to deliver a unifying message to our audiences that we can be different yet we can appreciate and value each other.”

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