Shot in the arm for Redcliff

BY Brenna Matendere

Redcliff House of Assembly member Lloyd Mukapiko (MDC Alliance) has completed a project to drill a borehole in the water crisis-ridden Rutendo suburb.
In addition, the MP has donated building materials worth thousands of dollars to schools that have been struggling with dilapidated infrastructure since independence in this peri-urban constituency. In an interview yesterday, Mukapiko said the borehole will serve a population of over 2 000 people in Redcliff’s
ward 5, who have been struggling to get portable water.

“Our council is struggling to supply water to the community so the borehole is going to supplement the supplies. The council is supplying water to Redcliff for
a maximum of three days a week as people did not have an alternative source,” he said.

The MP revealed that the source of funding for the project came from the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

“My CDF committee is comprised of those people who I contested with during the July 31 harmonised elections, the likes of Brenda Moyo, who was representing
the National Patriotic Front and Gotora Edmore, who was representing ZIPP. We are working together, sharing ideas and it is this committee which decides on
projects we do and monitors the fund,” he said.

“We also donated 50 bags of cement for completion of Grasslands Primary School, which is in a resettlement area. About 90% of people there did not vote for
me, so it shows we are not discriminatory, but inclusive in our approach.”

The MP proceeded to Lions Primary School in the same ward and donated 50 bags of cement.

“We also gave the same support to two primary schools in ward 24 – Umelusi and Mpinda. We are continuing to identify other development gaps in the
constituency, with a view of helping,” added the MP, who is also the MDC Midlands provincial organising secretary.

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