Old Mutual launches road, air ambulance services

PREMIUM African financial services group Old Mutual has launched a medical rescue product, a life transforming package in partnership with ACE Air & Ambulance in Harare.


As part of the Old Mutual Emergency Medical Rescue package, the two firms would be offering both road and air ambulance rescue services.

Speaking at the launch, Old Mutual Insurance Company (OMICO) managing director Shepherd Fungura said they are focusing on adding value to their clients.

“We are adding another product to our array of products we offer to our clients. We are focusing on the pillar of adding value to our clients with a lifesaving product,” he said.

“OMICO is one of the leading insurers and for the past years we have been receiving compliments which demonstrates that we take care of customers’ needs. The achievements which include, but are not limited to the recertification obtained for 2018 to 2021 ISO 900012015, demonstrate the standards we have in our procedures which meet international requirements.

“Indeed this gives us a framework for daily delivery of our services and due care we add to the value we give to our customers, investors, brokers, employees and other stakeholders.”

Speaking at the same event, OMICO general manager David Muchakagara said, through the product, they will be providing a 24-hour emergence medical rescue.

“We are foreseeing a very fruitful partnership going forward because these are two strong brands joining hands. When we were growing up we were just used to seeing the road ambulances, obviously that will be part of the future, we also have air ambulance rescue services supported by a helicopter, this is the most exciting part of this product that we are launching,” he said.

“The other most exciting part of this product is the provision of a medical doctor on board, so that when you are rescued, you are not just airlifted, there will be a doctor attending you to the nearest medical facility. There will be a pre-hospital booking, when we take you in straight; if you are going for theatre, it’s straight to the theatre.”

Muchakagara said the preferred period of cover will be quarterly or annually for administration purposes with members required to pay a membership fee which is payable 14 days in advance as of the effective date of the membership.

The ACE Air & Ambulance managing director, James Halsted said the premium collection was valued at $40 per month.
“We have teamed up with Old Mutual and we are providing the company’s first remote medical services which encompass ground ambulances and helicopters and pre-hospital bookings and all these are provided on a subscription-based service for $40 per individual per month,” he said.

“A general house of four people would need to purchase four subscriptions, so it is an individual-based service with no waiting periods. The idea is to offer this as a countrywide package and making it affordable to most Zimbabweans.”

Halsted said services are reserved for subscribers only and they are assured of no shortfalls in all packages.
“This is purely a subscription service; those who are not on the service will not get assistance. There is no waiting period, it’s immediate; once you pay you are covered. We are reserving it for the people who support us,” he said.

“All packages have no excess or shortfalls and we make sure that where we take you for assistance there will be no shortfalls. We will adjust in terms of payment fees when we see that there is need for adjustment, but if you are paid up for a period of, let’s say a year or some months, we will not ask for a top up after making adjustments, you will be covered.”

Additional charges will only be where there is previous medical history and this will be reviewed on a case by case basis by an ACE medical director.

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