New media awards for Sino-Zim coverage


CHINA-AFRICA, in collaboration with the Zimbabwe Union of Journalists (Zuj), have launched journalistic awards to enhance media coverage between China and Zimbabwe.

Speaking during the official launch of the awards, Chinese deputy ambassador to Zimbabwe, Zhao Baogang said this was a good platform to strengthen the
relationship between the two countries.

“These awards focus on the relationship between Zimbabwe and China, which will bring forward development between the two countries. This initiative will, in a
way, help with the quality of life for the journalists as there will be rewards given on the coverage on the Sino-Zim relations and altogether foster co-
operation and attract business development,” he said.

Zuj secretary-general Foster Dongozi, told NewsDay that the initiative would improve the quality of coverage by Zimbabwean journalists on the Zimbabwe-China

“Zuj and China have partnered to look into improving the coverage between Zimbabwe and China relations, be it economic, political or cultural. As Zuj, we are
looking at different angles, with the first one being the recognition that journalists and the media play in disseminating information,” he said.

“We are aware of the fact that some organisations value the importance of journalism. What this means for Zimbabwean journalists is that naturally there is
going to be improved coverage over the Zimbabwe-China relations, not only in terms of quantity, but quality as well due to the fact that there is monetary
value now placed with reporting well-grounded facts.”

The awards come in four categories; including political, economic, sport and arts and culture, and will have a monetary value of US$500 each and an overall journalist of the year award with a monetary value of US$1 000.

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