Musician’s fight against graft

AWARD-WINNING urban contemporary and hip hop musician Diego Tinotenda Chikombeka (Diego Tryno)’s latest music video, Sungai, set for release on August 31 complements efforts to fight corruption.


The video, which features Kudzai “DJ Monte” Mkosi, was shot by Big-bass Entertainment and produced by Media Empire Entertainment.

It will be launched on a local radio station and uploaded on online platforms including YouTube.

Diego Tryno said graft has not spared the arts industry.

“Corruption has crippled almost everything in this country; that also includes our arts and entertainment industry. It’s either something for something or nothing for nothing. You have to pay to get airplay or win an award. The poor-talented remain stagnant and the rich get airplay. This is very frustrating and as musicians we should take charge denouncing it at every level of the society,” he said.

The musician’s manager, Trisha Jones, told NewsDay Life & Style that fans should expect more videos from tracks off his debut album Lazarus (Age Volume 1) produced last year.

“This year we have devoted ourselves to releasing more videos than MP3’s. Our fans should, therefore, expect videos for all tracks from the debut. By the end of this year we will finish the second album called Stories (Age Vol. 2) that features local and international artists,” she said.

She said Diego Tryno was working on collaborations with musicians Tatenda Mahachi and Gift Amuli.

The young and energetic musician launched his career in 2014 at the age of 15 when he recorded his first single Go Diego Go which gained reception in clubs and bars.

He won the Best Upcoming Artist award at the Zambezi Music Awards (ZAMA-2014) hosted on Radio Zambezi 107.7 and the Best collaboration award at the Botswana radio station Yarona FM’s awards in 2015.

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  1. How many tracks are in his new album?

    1. Stories(Age Volume2)

      Good Evening Chipo ,it has ten(10) tracks and two(2)bonus tracks ,hopefully you will enjoy it

  2. Lovemore Kaisarwa

    Mupfana uyu akahwina award ane 15 but no media coverd him , but the streets remembers? , tipeivo ka more details pa album iro,kana ma social media handles ake

    1. Saka ukuda kupihwa ma social media handles ake ne newsday ? tipe maserious ,ndiro basa regoogle.

    2. Good Evening Lovemore Kasairwa,the social media handles are as follows:
      Twitter – @diegotryno
      Facebook- diego.tryno
      Instagram- @diegotryno
      We hope to get in touch with you!

  3. If this boy is not devoured by wolves of life lol he is going to be the next big thingy

  4. Haasi mupfana vekumbonetsana namono here uyu kkkk,ane talent mupfana uyu though

  5. Ko hamuna kutipa manames acho ema tracks ayo nana amuli na mahachi tizomatsvaga kana abuda!

    1. Names of tracks

      Good Evening GideonMandaza, once our pending projects are arranged and are ready for release, we will then give out the names ,until then please be patient with us.Cheers!

  6. And if this video doesn’t win an award then you should know corruption is really at work!!!!!!!! I saw a mini trailer of the video and i was impressed ,international sh**t .

    1. Roseline Chitsa

      Ndipo pa app 783847798

  7. Siziba@Elite4life

    Well thanks for the update newsday ,i have been in a lot of countries and they seem to think that all Zimbabweans are neighbors lmao anyway my point is they asked me a lot about the winky ds ,the machesos ,the mtkudzis and the diegos ,at first i didnt know this fella until i got people asking about him in different countries then i searched for him,it was actually sad that we Zimbabweans don’t appreciate our own ,zimdancehall artists are the ones that are given first preference ,forgetting that we have the zimhiphop artists rising our flag high across borders ,we need to give these guys enough coverage ,especially this kid!

    1. Roseline Chitsa

      Apa hapana pekuliker comment yako dai ndaliker ,vataura shuwa apa…i thought ndini ndega aizviona mhani

      1. Siziba@Elite4life

        i don’t understand much shona sis ,can you khuluma?

  8. Chimbomuitai interview muface uyu atiudzevo how he manages to do mavideo of the whole album,in this kind of economy,tumai precious kana tafadzwa kana freeman amboita 1 on 1 nemuface uyu

  9. Roseline Chitsa

    Site yenyu inonetsa kuvhura nefon wena…takutoshandisa macomupter ekubasa kkkkk ko makadini kuisaka nelink rematrailer arikutaurwa ayo tionevo

  10. ? Pandaona kuti graft I thought he is fighting against jobs??? ,good article heading and good story ,impatiently waiting for the video ??????

  11. I got one question, what is the meaning of Age volume 1 and volume 2? I just don’t understand ?

    1. Good Evening Anonymous, A.G.E is an abbreviation ,i will break it down below:
      A= All
      G= Generations
      E= Entwined
      In our albums we intend to have music for all generations ,music for the oldest to the youngest,however this is not going to be the case always that’s why we will have volumes 1-5 but in between we might have other albums which won’t be affiliated with A.G.E. Cheers!

  12. Oh Wow! So this guy is actually Zimbabwean after all ,i always thought he was a south african who likes making collabos with Zimbabweans ,come to Limpopo its like he was raised here ?‍♀️anyway lets wait for the video.

  13. Seems like his new management is working ,videos for all tracks is not a joke!
    Much Love From Botswana ❤?

  14. I love his video Mabvuto,I hope this one won’t disappoint.Corruption! Is in did ugly for every nation

  15. So which stations should we tune in on saturday?


  17. He just taled about Amuli nana mahachi ,why is he not working with fellow hiphop musicians? Iro team iro handi nderemasungura

  18. Hey Newsday ,are there still hard copies of this article?

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