Muleya pens Ndebele novels


UPCOMING South Africa-based Zimbabwean author Brenda Muleya said her two Ndebele novels titled Soneni Mntanami and Enhle Ngumakhothwa Ngunina are set to be launched in Bulawayo before year-end.

The 33-year-old author told Southern Eye Life & Style that the two books, published in Bulawayo and Harare, were based on true life events.

“I have penned two books and both are based on true stories. The first one, Soneni Mntanami, talks about the hardships that women face in the name of marriage as they end up sacrificing their own happiness for the sake of their children,” she said.

“The book Enhle Ngumakhothwa Ngunina is more of a continuation of the first one. It is about how orphans are abused by the extended family and community in
general simply because they are orphans.”

Muleya said she was motivated to pen the two books after she joined a social media platform for novel writers.

“I always loved writing such that I joined a certain group of novel writers on WhatsApp, where people could write their books and post them for people to read.
As I was reading, I felt like it was high time I also penned my own,” she said.

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