Mt Darwin paedophile jailed 20 years


A 26-YEAR-OLD Mt Darwin paedophile was last week slapped with a 20-year jail term by a Bindura magistrate for raping a 10-year-old girl.

The convict from Makaza village under Chief Kandeya in Mt Darwin was thrown into prison by magistrate Gloria Takundwa, who conditionally suspended three years.

Prosecutor Clement Kuwanda told the court that on June 14, the convict went to a local primary school in the afternoon, where he sat close to the play grounds
watching schoolchildren engaging in various games.

He invited the victim to where he was seated and told her that she was beautiful and that she would become a prostitute or get raped when she grows up.

On June 19, around 12:30pm the complainant, who was on her way from school was waylaid by the convict, who dragged her into the bush and raped once without

He took a switch and assaulted the complainant, threatening her not to reveal the crime to anyone.

The victim later informed her friend and parents about the abuse, leading to the convict’s arrest.

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