Miss Kwekwe to fight for girl rights

Nomatter Mazvhihwa


SUPERMODEL Nomatter Mazvihwa (20), who was crowned Miss Kwekwe at a colourful pageant held at King Solomon’s Hotel in Kwekwe on Saturday, has undertaken to fight for the rights of the girl child in the Midlands mining town.

A first year student at Kwekwe Polytechnic, where she is studying towards a Diploma in Marketing Management, Mazvihwa said she will start her campaign in Kwekwe before spreading out to other parts of the country.

“The girl child continues to get a raw deal in accessing basic rights such as education, health and justice,” she said.

“I strongly believe that as models, we have a big role to play in advancing these fundamental rights. We are now in the era of beauty with brains and we have to use the brains to make a change in society.”

The Kwekwe beauty said the mining town continued to face the problem of child marriages and prostitution as a result of the rampant illegal gold mining activities which needed to be addressed.

“We have many young girls who, because of the economic challenges facing the country, are lured by money by gold panners and are turning to child prostitution to make ends meet,” she said.

“There is need for awareness campaigns targeting the girl child on the dangers of such choices.”

Mazvihwa, who did her primary education at Cecil John Rhodes in Gweru and Dambudzo Primary schools in Redcliff before completing her secondary education at Rutendo High School, said she also intended to engage young women in universities and find out more on how to assist them.

“We still have challenges of sexually transmitted illnesses, HIV, unwanted pregnancies and abortions at colleges. Female students need to put their heads together and find lasting solutions to these problems,” she said.

The beauty queen said it was her dream to see the girl child groomed for modelling at a tender age.

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