Minister storms out of Parly over abductions

THE main opposition MDC yesterday demanded that Home Affairs minister Cain Mathema should issue a ministerial statement in Parliament explaining all the cases of abductions and torture of persons that have happened in the country and tainted its human rights record.

By Veranda Langa

Mbizo MP Settlement Chikwinya yesterday made the demands before deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Tsitsi Gezi.

Mathema was present in the House as Chikwinya made his proposal, but before the opposition legislator was even halfway through, Mathema had already stormed out of the House.

“I would like to raise a point of privilege and say that every time we pray in this House we pray in order to make laws for the good governance and maintenance of peace in this country,” Chikwinya said.
“It is disheartening that ever since August 14 we have seen 26 opposition MPs being abducted at night,” he said as Mathema stormed out of the House.

Chikwinya continued: “Section 61 (1) (b) of the Constitution allows for freedom of expression and creation of content, but it is disheartening that in these days of high unemployment where our youths seek to eke a living, they are abducted,” he said, adding that even MPs were beginning to experience threats to their lives.

“As MPs, while we are doing our work, we must seek to be protected, but recently Marondera Central MP Caston Matewu had his house sprayed with 21 bullets around 1:00 am. While we are doing our work as MPs we expect protection from law enforcement agents,” he said.

Chikwinya further noted that section 58 and 59 of the Constitution speak to freedom of assembly and to demonstrate.
Section 58 (1) reads: “Every person has the right to freedom of association and assembly, and the right not to assembly or associate with others.”

Section 59 further speaks to freedom to demonstrate and petition stating that: “Every person has the right to demonstrate and to present petitions but these rights must be exercised peacefully.”

Despite the Constitution giving such rights; it was disheartening that members of the opposition were not allowed to petition, mourned Chikwinya.

“The laws are being wantonly ignored by members of the Executive, assisted by members of the Judiciary. I call upon the Home Affairs minister to come and give a ministerial statement in the House on the issue,” he said.

Recently, a number of Zimbabweans, including Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe secretary-general Obert Masaraure and comedian “Gonyeti”, have been abducted and tortured by unknown people.

Concerned by the clampdown on demonstrators and opposition supporters, European Union countries last week issued a joint statement slamming government’s repression on demonstrators.

“Intimidation, harassment and physical attacks on human rights defenders, trade union and civil society representatives and opposition politicians, prior to, during and following the demonstration in Harare on August 16 are cause of great concern,” the EU statement read.

Meanwhile, MDC legislators cheered as leader of the opposition Thabita Khumalo and Mkoba MP Amos Chibaya (party secretary-general) entered the House. The two were arrested over the August 16 demonstrations that saw several people being beaten up by the police with many sustaining injuries.

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  1. Minister Mathema’s reaction had one very simple message, he has no time for childplay when doing government business. You stage manage abductions whenever our president is going on important missions on government business and you want the government to explain why you yourselves behave the way you do? Realy? This is why the opposition may never have oportunity to govern this country. Europeans! European! Europeans! The same reason why Ian Douglas Smith failed to continue ruling this country is the very same reason why Mdc will never rule it. You should never try to take back our nation to colonial rule through the back do because it won’t succeed. Dunhu rino nderemhondoro varume weeee. You realy need to get that fact sink deep in your thick heads. The best that the americans and europeans can achieve is to distabilise us but never again will they manage to rule this country. Dai John Vouster achiri kubatika taizokukurudzirai kunomuona mopiwa naye mazano masvinu.


  3. Farai vana vemahure chimbotimirirai.Apa waratidza kuti wataura zvinhu izvi not out of love but out of fear

  4. VanaFrodo, obscenities chete chete, no facts. Ndizvo chete zvinogonekwa. Chawataura ipapa chii? Ko iko kuti Frodo zvinomboreveiko? Zimbabweans should just be realistic. There is no reason for the government to bother abouti Gonyeti. Who is Gonyeti by the way. I do not think even Ed knows or cares about Gonyeti at all. Vana Eu ava vamunogaro sesekedza pamberi varimuconstitution yedu here maererano nekutungamirirwa kwenyika ino? Heee, Eu this. Heee, Eu that. Heee, Eu has evidence that Nelson Chamisa won the presidential poll. VanaEU venyu vakazotanga kuda mabhoi riini? You need to reason like normal people. If you believe enyone to be responsible for the so called abductions and attacks, why don’t you bring their names and evidence foward before you start asking silly questions in parliament? Zvekuda kungobvunzao semunhu aswera asina kumbobvunza zuva ranhasi! Ndizvo here? If you are sure about the culprits , name and shame them and bring evidence and later ask minister Mathema what happened to the culprits.

  5. MDC will never ever lead or rule this country,ndapedza uye ndatenda..

  6. Munopenga!Unopenga!
    MDC will rule this country.Smith akambozvitaurawo kuti mutema haafe akatonga nyika ino.

    Same fanana MDC will rule this country kuda kana kusada.

  7. newsday why are you not posting my comments ?

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