MDC gives ED two- week ultimatum


THE MDC leadership has given President Emmerson Mnangagwa a 14-day ultimatum to engage opposition leader Nelson Chamisa in talks to end the economic meltdown or face protests and civil disobedience from its supporters.

Addressing a massive rally in Chitungwiza yesterday, deputy chairperson Job Sikhala said after the seven-day period of fasting, the party was ready to be decisive.

“Let’s make sure we radicalise the base, when the base is radicalised, political pressure mounts. What does political pressure lead to? It leads to dialogue, not dialogue to sell out the people of Zimbabwe … we need total freedom. We want to go and negotiate the transfer of power. I am giving Emmerson Mnangagwa two weeks from now for him to call president Nelson Chamisa and say come I want to talk to you. I am giving Emmerson Mnangagwa two weeks, to say I want to negotiate. The people are speaking here, you can see over 30 000 at this rally who are ready to confront anarchy. Emmerson Mnangagwa, start counting from today, if you don’t respond we shall respond in equal measure,” Sikhala said.

Statements by Sikhala, who is facing charges of subverting a constitutionally-elected government, come as the MDC meets this Tuesday for a crucial meeting to define its course of action in confronting Mnangagwa and his government.

The MDC is now riding on the downside of supplementary budget presented by Finance minister Mthuli Ncube on Thursday last week which pushed prices of fuel, electricity and transport up against stagnant salaries.

Sikhala said the budget had brought anarchy and a state of panic in the country, saying it was like pouring fuel on a veld fire.

“There is not a single person who has brought anarchy in our country more than Mnangagwa and his Finance minister Mthuli Ncube. Last week, they brought a supplementary budget to Parliament in which he effected a 500% increase on toll fees, where he raised the power tariffs by 370%, where he increased prices of all government services which will in turn affect prices across the board. This is anarchy! Constitutionalism demands that we stop anarchy. We must stop Mnangagwa’s anarchy of bringing poverty to the people of Zimbabwe and this must be confronted and we will confront it. The greatest anarchist in our country is Mnangagwa, he has brought anarchy everywhere including in people’s homes. There is an increase in domestic violence because of poverty,” Sikhala said.

Rallying the army, police and Zanu PF supporters to join hands to oust Mnangagwa, Sikhala said the struggle was not personal, but should be joined by all well-meaning Zimbabweans who wanted prosperity.

“Hunger does not chose on political party basis, it does not care whether you are Zanu PF or MDC. Let’s join hands and deal with Emmerson Mnangagwa who is the elephant in the room and we must deal with that elephant. Listen to me Zanu PF supporters, now is the time for the people of Zimbabwe to come together and confront the elephant in the room, it has to be confronted by every citizen of our country for us to deal with our problems. Hunger is colour blind,” he said.

Sikhala added: “We have to give a way forward that does not only liberate the people at this rally, but also those men and women in the army and police, because they too are hungry. The money they earn is too little, they can’t even send their children to school.”


  1. What is the MDC smoking? Why do want to be part of government when you lost the election? Just let ED Pfee rule while you do your function as law makers. Help im change laws and make good laws. That is the only function you have as legislators. Do not be desperate to rule when you lost the election.

  2. lets wait and see

  3. Rhetoric, as usual!
    Very pedestrian.

  4. Zanu PF just won a series of by elections….Job Sikhala is dreaming! kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  5. Musaita kuti vataure pamaRally without testing what they will have smoked or kunwa. Shuwa vanhu kumbaienda kurally to be told this rhetoric.

    1. They are clueless. You can’t entrust a lunatic like Sikala with speaking at a rally, obviously he will misfire

  6. “Independence in the end is the fruit of injustice.”

  7. who is clueless is the MDC clueless of those who are in power coz they do not have ways to bring electricity, bread, money this is a sign of being clueless than what you Nodza is saying .Otherwise u do not know what the clueless means

    1. MDC should use the so-called ZANU PF failure to position themselves for the 2023 election. Why would they want to give a ruling part an ultimatum to call them for talk. I have never heard of such an approach here on earth. Just tell the electorate what you would to differently to make the economy better, rather than threatening destruction on the same economy. That’s where the MDC is clueless, immature and barbaric

  8. makuda kumamiswa zvekare nhaika,,,its okay

  9. Mutasa Mark Gradience

    Comment…why yu MDC members not wanting to join him? What if yu join ED and solve the problem together I think that will work. like what happens in 2008 Mugabe and Tsvangirai made the inclusive government to deal with the economic bankrupt that was arise by that time. So I suggest that Unity is the best key to solve all these problems. Let’s party together ZANU and MDC members as we are all Zimbabweans. Let’s Built our nation together rather than isolating others.

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