Kwekwe robber jailed


A NOTORIOUS Kwekwe robber, who went on a rampage assaulting and robbing people from December last year, was yesterday sentenced to 54 months on three assault and two robbery charges.

Tichaona Isaiah Chacha (34) of Mbizo, Kwekwe, was sentenced by magistrate Story Rushambwa after robbing different people of $61 026.

Prosecutor Freddy Ndoro told the court that on December 7 last year, around 10pm, Chacha and his accomplices, who are still at large, demanded fuel from a Puma fuel attendant in Kwekwe, who in turn informed them that the stock was
for coupon holders only.

A misunderstanding arose between Chacha and the fuel attendant. Chacha assaulted the attendant with open hands, thereby injuring him.

On January 16, Chacha and his accomplice Simbarashe Mapenduka approached Stephen Ncube on the pretext of forex dealing. They bundled him into their car and drove a few kilometres outside Kwekwe where they electrocuted him before
robbing him of his money and dumping him by the roadside.

The following day, the convict and his colleague blocked a Honda CRV in Kwekwe, assaulted passengers and robbed them of their money before using the same modus operandi on other people on January 18.

On February 4, they went into the city’s central business district and approached Stephen Chinyama, who they accused of dealing in foreign currency and assaulted him, at the same time trying to snatch a bag of cash he was holding.

Chinyama, however, managed to fight them off and escape with his money.

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