Govt identifies land for creative hubs

ARTS, Culture and Heritage director in the Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation, Biggie Samwanda yesterday said government had secured land in Kanyemba and Binga for the construction of cultural hubs as part of a project to create cultural and creative industry spaces around the country.


The ministry introduced the initiative to empower the youths who are in the arts industry across the country.

“We now have the land in Kanyemba and Binga. The Local Government ministry will be doing the soil sampling as architectural plans are already being considered,” he said.

Samwanda said they will proceed with the projects despite the economic hardships afflicting the country.

“We cannot stop working and implementing plans because of the state of the economy. What the state of the economy can only do is stall or hasten progress, but we are still going on with our projects,” he said.

He said they were also targeting Murewa and Chitungwiza, with the view of eventually establishing at least one centre in each province. Ads

Samwanda said the creative hubs will cater for all artists who wish to explore and grow their talent.

He said the cultural centres will be used by creatives in theatre, dance, crafts, music, drama, film and video, visual arts, fashion design, textiles, sculpture and traditional cuisines.

“The idea is to make the spaces hubs of creativity for youths and those in the arts,” he said, adding that creative hubs will also be turned into workshop and information centres.

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