Govt doctors declare incapacitation

Doctors yesterday said they would no longer be able to carry out their duties due to incapacitation in another blow to the already ailing health delivery sector.

By Phyllis Mbanje

Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association (ZHDA) said with immediate effect, they would not be able to report for duty since their salaries had not been reviewed despite the rise in prices of basic commodities.

In a letter addressed to the Health Services Board (HSB) chairperson, the doctors said the cost of living had increased tenfold over the past few months, but salaries had been reviewed by less than 10 %.

They also noted that the “meagre” allowances were no longer sufficient for one basic food basket.

“Members are struggling to meet the costs of basic needs in food and shelter let alone clothing and healthcare,” they said.

Among their list of grievances was the issue of living conditions, which they said had become a health hazard and mental condition to both the doctors and the patients

“We request the employer to adjust our earnings to the interbank bank rate which currently sits at 8,7. We, hereby, give notice of total incapacitation with immediate effect giving the employer a grace period of three weeks upon receiving this letter to present practical solutions to our financial crisis,” the doctors said.

Asked if the action was a strike, acting chair for the doctors association, Peter Magombeyi, said it was just incapacitation.

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