Festival empowers young people


THE Lively Entertainment Thrust in Talent Harnessing and Empowerment of Minors (LET THEM) festival has over the last seven years lived up to its billing and achieved several milestones such as bringing together schools from all over the country to showcase their artistic talents.

A spokesperson for the festival, Chido Musasiwa, said the festival gave participants an opportunity to discuss a wide range of issues affecting them.

“The festival gives participants a voice, lends an ear and provides a thought on how youth can circumvent issues that affect them. The themes for the theatre
category covers issues such as gender-based violence, HIV and Aids, child labour, climate change, teenage pregnancies, peace, children’s rights, child
marriages, Zimbabwean culture and heritage and much more,” she said.

Musasiwa said all performances during the festival were geared towards peer education as young people shared their experiences.

“Through theatre, the young artists shared their experiences on gender-based violence, increasing awareness about this worldwide issue which is considered as
one of the most pervasive human rights violations and a global pandemic,” she said.

She added that this year’s edition held at the Harare Polytechnic from July 5 to 6 saw schools performing and singing songs by the late great performer Safirio
Madzikatire, popularly known as Mukadota.

A total of 45 schools participated at this year’s edition.

“Our trust creates platforms for young people to groom and showcase their artistic talent. We feature industry artists who not only perform short sets, but
also take time to mentor the school children,” Musasiwa said.

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