Concern over Christmas Pass deforestation


GREEN Ambassador Never Bonde has called on the Mutare City Council to put measures in place, including introducing beehives, to stop the rampant cutting down of trees at the scenic Christmas Pass.

The Christmas Pass is one of Mutare’s top tourist attractions.

Bonde, an environmental activist, who has been to Kenya and South Africa advocating for good environmental practices said a similar strategy has been used to
preserve the environment in both countries.

Mutare residents are cutting down trees at the scenic Christmas Pass for firewood due to prolonged power outages facing the country.

In an interview with NewsDay yesterday, Bonde said he was concerned with the decimation of Christmas Pass vegetation.

“As you are aware I am the Environment or the Green Ambassador in the country. I was given the honour by the then Minister of Environment Oppah Muchinguri a
few years ago,” he said.

“My concern at the moment is the Christmas Pass where residents are cutting down trees causing serious deforestation. I am not happy at all because this is a
tourist attraction, which needs to be preserved,” he said.

“I have been to Kenya recently and they just put beehives in such mountains with trees and this will send away people who want to cut trees. Our government
should take this initiative of using beehives to prevent tree cutters,” Bonde said.

Mutare City Council recently warned residents that they will face the full wrath of the law if they continue to cut down trees at the tourist attraction spot.

Mutasa South legislator Regai Tsunga, in which the Christmas Pass lies, has also raised concern over the destruction of the woodland.

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