Chiredzi residents raise eyebrows over stand allocations


UNITED Chiredzi Residents and Ratepayers Association (UCHIRRA) has raised concern over lack of transparency and accountability in the local authority as land sales and rates arrears mount.

Council chairperson Gibson Hwende, in his state of the town address a fortnight ago, revealed that land sales debt had gone up to $4 959 236 from $4 356 218 as indicated in the July 2018 analysis report.

Part of the report reads: “During the period under review, council was owed $6 302 941 for rates, rates and other services by various people and organisations.
Land sales debtors amounted to $4 959 236. Council is encouraging all defaulters to come forward for payments and payment plans.

The cash-strapped council is failing to meet its statutory obligations, pay creditors and has a two months salary backlog.

UCHIRRA secretary Bernard Dachi said council should follow up on land seekers who are defaulting on payment.

“How can council go around victimising residents over water bills when they are not following up on land sales debt? Who are those people who are not paying
for the land they have been allocated?” he asked.

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