Beitbridge records 4 sudden deaths


BEITBRIDGE has in the last seven days recorded four sudden deaths, with two-suspected suicides.

An 84-year-old man from Nuli, who cannot be named, allegedly took his life in an apparent case of jealous after someone fondled his wife’s breasts.

Another suspected case of suicide was that of Knowledge Tshuma – a youthful member of Team Altezza Beitbridge – who is believed to have crashed his car in a fatal protest against rejection by his would-be in-laws.

The other death was of Hebert Moyo of Malala, who was reportedly stabbed on the neck by Mqedisi Mbedzi in a love triangle dispute at a relative’s field day at Malala.

Relatives of a fisherman are waiting for police divers to hunt for a man, who other fishermen said was on a tube, floating, when he disappeared in a crocodile-infested dam that supplies Beitbridge town.

Matabeleland South police spokesperson Chief Inspector Philisani Ndebele confirmed Tshuma and Moyo’s deaths.

“We urge people to solve disputes amicably or find third parties to help them. People should sober-up and solve problems peacefully than resort to violence,” Ndebele said.

People close to Tshuma – who was with his fiancée and their child during the crash — said he was beside himself with anger as to why his lover’s relatives were against their marriage.

“He spoke about death in his last days and was overheard saying he would not poison himself, but find at quicker method. He spurn his car several times in what was his last lap before taking his family out for what was to be his last journey,” one of his friends said.

Tshuma crashed into an oncoming truck and died on the spot, while his girlfriend sustained injuries, but their child escaped unscathed.

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