Adjust all civil servants’ pay, don’t cherry-pick

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa’s overtures towards the military during the Defence Forces Day commemorations — on whose back he swept to power in November 2017 — should be extended to every government employee as no one has been spared the current brutal economic holocaust that has seen the value of citizens’ earnings eroded over tenfold.

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It is not good enough to admit that citizens are suffering without biting the bullet and effectively addressing some of those problems that have driven the majority of citizens into unprecedented poverty — unknown even during former President Robert Mugabe’s 37-year-long authoritarian rule.

These ills include corruption, incompetence and reluctance to implement political reforms and addressing economic fundamentals the government seems to be skirting, like the currency issue.

Mnangagwa has been preaching that it is darkest before dawn since coming to power, but it would be helpful to provide timelines and the tangible steps government is taking.

What we have seen is parastatals and quasi-government organisations astronomically hiking the prices of goods and services they offer, while salaries have largely remained stagnant. Any increases effected have been token and irrelevant.

Indeed, members of the military are part of the general populace that has been driven to the brink by some of the government’s ruinous policies, so whatever salary upgrades and other benefits they will get should also be extended to other government workers to cushion them against the skyrocketing cost of living.

It is our sincere hope that Mnangagwa’s assurance to the men and women in uniform was not just meant to pacify them ahead of the looming opposition protests, which in the past have been quashed through military efforts, notwithstanding the universal nature of the concerns raised by the opposition. These promises should be followed up by real action on the ground.

A lot of promises — which unfortunately have either been unfulfilled or not followed up soon after Mnangagwa came to power — appear to have died a natural death as his governance system increasingly implemented the autocratic policies of his predecessor, Mugabe.


  1. Petros Magomazi

    You missed the point altogether and clearly you do not understand how the President addresses issues. When he addresses nurses, he makes commitments to nurses, when he addresses teachers, he makes commitments to teachers. He was addressing the ZDF and made commitments to ZDF. We have never had a situation where the Army was given money while other civil servants were not. So no need to panic!!!

    1. everything has a beginning, mind you there is demo tomorrow so he wants to unleash his dogs so he has to promise them something


    You are right Petros Magomazi. Tell me has he ever addressed the poor oldies who are expected to survive on State Pensions? Has this group been considered in all the “handouts” that the Gvt has dished out to the civil service? Absolutely NOTHING. The monthly pensions paid out to some retirees is now not even enough to cover bus fares to and from their rural to nearest towns.

  3. Next time w
    rite simple english not all people understands ur vocabulary

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