Address past atrocities: Magaya

ZIMBABWE Divine Destiny leader Ancelimo Magaya has urged the country’s political leaders to unearth past acts of killings and violence and have them addressed if the nation is to achieve lasting peace.


Addressing a churches convergence on peace meeting in Gweru yesterday, Magaya said although it was noble for President Emmerson Mnangagwa to fight corruption, there were more “horrendous and horrific” issues that needed to be addressed.

“Although we have seen attempts by authorities to address the issue of corruption with the recent arrest of the likes of Priscah Mupfumira (former Tourism minister), there are, however, more horrendous and horrific issues underneath that need to be unearthed,” he said. “We cannot have people who killed continuing to roam the streets without being arrested.”

Magaya said it was pointless to continue talking about peace without embracing what it took to achieve that peace.
The cleric further noted that there was need for truth to be told and people who committed acts of violence and killings should be arrested.

“Let the truth be told, in (the 1980s Matabeleland and Midlands) genocides, who ordered the army to kill civilians?” he asked.

“In the run-up to the 2008 elections, there were people who were maimed, raped and killed, yet the murderers are still roaming the streets. Who ordered the soldiers to shoot at 45 degrees in the August 1 (2018) killings? Those that killed on August 1 are yet to be arrested.”

He challenged government to implement the Kgalema Motlanthe Commission recommendations following last year’s fatal shootings by security agents. Magaya said even the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission would never achieve its mandate if truth is not told.

He added that while it was commendable for the police to arrest people who looted during protests, there was need to also arrest those who kill others during such demonstrations.

The peace meeting was convened under the Zimbabwe Council of Churches and included Christian organisations such as the Zimbabwe Christian Alliance and Zimbabwe Divine Destiny.

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