Zimuto: More than naked pictures



MULTI-TALENTED artist Vimbai Zimuto yesterday said it was important for people to understand that there was more to her nude art than just stripping because her pictures carried hidden meanings that could only be decoded if people were open-minded.

The Netherlands-based Zimbabwean singer, dancer, actress and modern dance choreographer is in the country ahead of her V’tude Concert and Art Exhibition set for The Venue in Avondale tomorrow.

Zimuto told a Press conference in Harare that her nude pictures splashed on her social media pages — which have attracted admiration and loathing in equal
measure — needed people to be open-minded.

“People should understand that most of the time we don’t speak directly. We speak in riddles. In a picture, you might see a naked person, but fail to
understand the story behind the message, behind that picture. Art is more than what you see in a picture. See the story behind. People need to be original and
open-minded. As the world changes, we need to change as well,” she said.

Zimuto said there was a lot of hypocrisy with regards to issues of culture and morality, when people just had to be free to express themselves.

She said her new art-form has contributed significantly to her career as an artist.

“At times I fail to understand culture and morality. People tend to pretend to be what they are not. One needs to be free to express themselves. I am
comfortable in my own skin and being Zimbabwean too,” she said.

The artist said she would also be part of the exhibition at The Venue, where she will be show-casing her music and pictures.

“I will be part of the exhibition, so everyone should come and see my work at the exhibition. I want to be Vimbai Zimuto and stick to my nude, not naked art.”

Comedian Prosper Ngomashi — popularly known as Comic Pastor — who was also present at the presser, said he was one of Zimuto’s fans.

He said there was nothing controversial about nude art as he also at times has had skits while naked. He said it was ironic that people enjoyed nude art, but
sought to hide behind culture.

“People don’t show their true colours. We live in a country where people can’t express their feelings in art. I am one of her fans and have done some skits
naked,” he said.