ZCTU ‘disowns’ shutdown

President Emmerson Mnangagwa

THE Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has distanced itself from a national shutdown called by some pressure groups to force President Emmerson Mnangagwa (pictured) to address the deteriorating economic situation in the country.

BY Everson Mushava/Sharon Sibindi

According to Tajamuka spokesperson Promise Mkwananzi, the shutdown is set to start today and will end on Friday with a march to State House on July 6 if demands tabled before Mnangagwa were not acted upon.

But ZCTU president Peter Mutasa yesterday said his organisation was not part of the shutdown and would meet during the course of this week to map a way forward.

“The ZCTU is not part of the group that has called for tomorrow (today)’s shutdown. As a membership-based organisation, we have to consult and get a mandate from our members in terms of our constitution and processes,” Mutasa said.

“Our decision-making body, the general council, will be meeting this week to decide and announce the way forward, based on views from the workers. We are never against any citizen or groups that advocate for peaceful protests in terms of the Constitution of the country.

“However, unlike other groups, as a membership-driven organisation, ZCTU leaders can not commit the organisation without consultations and an inclusive decision. It is in this vein that we view the inclusion of our organisation or any other organisation’s name without our consent and without discussing with us as problematic. For unions, this creates divisions as some members would genuinely complain that leaders are making unilateral decisions.”

In January, the ZCTU led a nationwide protest that turned violent with security agents killing 17 people in brutally crushing the protests.

But Tajamuka/Sesijikile yesterday maintained it was going ahead with the week-long shutdown, starting from today until Friday.

“The shutdown is to pressure Mnangagwa to resolve the economic situation in the country,” Mkwananzi said.

“Mnangagwa has two choices, (either) to resign and allow Zimbabwe to move forward or to convene an all-inclusive dialogue, encompassing all Zimbabweans with an independent mediator. If Mnangagwa does not respect the orders, the people of Zimbabwe will have no choice, but to come out of their houses on July 6 and march to State House in Harare. For other cities, we will advise where to assemble.”

He said the protest would be peaceful.

Zimbabwe is in the throes of an economic crisis characterised by fuel and power shortages and rising inflation.

The shortage of foreign currency and pressure from its restive workers last week forced the government to dump the decade-old multi-currency system and bring back the Zimbabwe dollar.

Meanwhile, the International Cross-Border Traders’ Association (ICTA) has warned travellers and transporters to be cautious when travelling to and from Zimbabwe this week because of the shutdown.

ICTA president Denis Juru urged travellers and transporters to stay at home in order to remain safe.

“We would like to advise all travellers and transporters to be cautious when travelling to and from Zimbabwe as there would be an industrial action planned by pressure groups.

“The stay away called for by Tajamuka and it is affiliates is expected to kick-off on July 1 until further notice,” he said.

Juru said ICTA would assess the situation and advise travellers whether it was safe or not to travel.

“In the past events, we witnessed stay-aways turning into violent protests in Zimbabwe with people being shot by security forces, cars being burnt and shops being looted.

“The most dangerous border posts to use are Beitbridge Border Post, Plumtree Border Post, Chirundu Border Post and Forbes Border Post,” he added.


  1. Farai J Nhire

    What a piece of rubish newsday please! Why do you people stoop so low when you are supposed to properly and truthfully inform the nation? Who is Tajamuka and what does he realy intend to shut down and to achieve what? The majority of Zimbabwe despite political afiliation have been relieved tremendously by the government’s decision to kill decicively the black market foreign currency high rate and which was now taking a toll on livelihoods as the prices of basics were now skyrocketing on a daily basis but as from yesterday prices are gradualy falling. But some so called pressure groups think this is time to disrupt such encouraging developments. The truth is the so called pressure groups are driving an agenda which has to do with some foreign interests and has nothing to do with the good of zimbabwean citizens and zimbabweans would do well to ignore these kind of hoaxes and go about with their day to day rotine.

    1. Farai, you can only be a regime sycophant, how else could you conclude that eliminating the USD for the ZWD will result in prices falling?! You think this move will benefit Zimbabweans when they have just paved the road to 2007-2008 inflation? This is equivalent to treating dysentery with antibiotics but leaving the animal feces in the well…

  2. Zimbabwe will rise! Thanks Cde ED!


  4. Farai J Nhire

    This is where you get things wrong Garikai. You should always decide according to how you observe and reason rather than how you feel. A man should never be emotional whatever you do. The Isue here is straightfoward. Nobody ever eliminated the us dollar. There has only been normalisation of how it’s used. All you need is to take your dollar to the bank and buy the local currency and do your shoping. Very simple. That does not sound like eliminating the us dollar to me. The intresting thing about it is that the parallel market rate is now lower than the interbank market rate meaning that our financial authorities are now well in controll of the situation. This is very good news for all zimbabwean citizens despite political afiliation unless you are in the camp of suboteurs. Mangudya is not printing tonnes and tonnes of our money and removing zeros like Gedeon Gono. War veterants are no longer invading farms and our president is friendly to the whole world so there is no comparioson with 2008 whatsoever.

  5. Diolinda Dias

    Farai. You mention that the parallel market rate and interbank rate is interesting because the latter is offering a higher rate. This show’s your ignorance Farai. The bank does not have any cash. Interbank rate is for fake Zim Dollars that is printed into your bank account and a ploy by Reserve Bank to fool idiots. There is no good news for Zimbabwe. We are doomed to repeat history. Wake up please.

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