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Youth movement pushes for stakeholders engagements



A NEWLY-FORMED youth movement, New Zimbabwe Youth Movement (Neziyomo), is looking for funding to help it facilitate engagement in interactive discussions with various stakeholders in order to empower young people in the country.

They are targeting churches, government, political parties, the public, the Judiciary and the business community to assist.

Neziyomo president Efeso Godori told NewsDay Weekender that negligence of youths for the past decades by political leaders was behind the formation of the movement.

“We have been silent, hoping that the government will take its full responsibility, but certainly not. The future of Zimbabwe is in the hands of the youths.
Neziyomo now becomes the voice of the youth and the entire family of Zimbabwe, advocating for youth engagement in all national agendas, youth elevation and
empowerment,” he said.

“The movement calls for donations from everyone who wishes to see it sail through, for us to be able to convene special meetings, pay transport fees, book
stadiums and have rallies with fellow Zimbabwean youth so that we build the Zimbabwe we all want together.”

He said their vision was to have a country where youths could democratically discuss and participate in politics without the fear of being subjected to
military and police brutality and torture.

Godori said they aimed at having youth-led actions at local and national levels, including the eradication of poverty through entrepreneurship, establishment
of disputed elections through national dialogue and sound electoral reforms, leading to free and fair elections as well as encouraging political parties to
value youths and strengthening dialogue between youths and political parties.

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