My music isn’t fading: Stunner


FLAMBOYANT rapper Desmond “Stunner” Chideme has lashed out at social media critics claiming his music is fading.


The musician insisted he was on the right trajectory as he had been bagging at least two awards every year over the last few years.

The Glen Norah-bred Godo hit-maker told NewsDay Weekender Life & Style that the sentiments on social media portrayed a wrong perspective of what was on the ground.

“There is not a year I have not collected more than two awards, so I’m where I have always been, with two strong singles on rotation and a coming album. I’m fine,” he said.

“Actually, I got a song which I did recently with my friend, Sir Ford and Metaphysics, titled I Smoke. I’m the holder of the biggest hip-hop awards from last year December and I am still to release my next project, so it doesn’t make sense to say my music is fading.”

Stunner said the hip-hop genre was performing well in light of the current punishing economic situation in the country.

“Hip-hop is doing well in its own capacity, considering how the economy is set up. I can say it’s at one of its best times,” he said.

The Harare-based artiste said it was difficult to make plans for the future at the moment because of the economic crisis bedevilling the country, adding that the best way to deal with negative criticism was just to ignore it.

Stunner was not too keen to speculate on the future, whose outcome he hinted could only be determined by what happens in the country’s economy.

“We can only try and move forward until we have an economy; maybe we all can make plans for the future,” he said, with refrain.

The rapper made it into mainstream Zimbabwean music with hits such as Team Hombe and Dhafu Korera. He owns a label called Tazoita $ash Records, which has signed on artistes such as Shastro, Junior Brown, MC Chita, ExQ, Russo, J Boss, Dr Clarence, Johnny K and Munhu Mutema some years back.

Stunner’s star continues to rise and he has been rated as one of the best rappers in the country. He has featured on a string of television and radio adverts, and was the first ever Zimbabwean musician to perform at the Big Brother Africa Live Eviction Show.