MJ Sings, Sugar Shane in tussle

Shane “Sugar Shane” Manjelo


RISING music sensation MJ Sings is at loggerheads with fellow artiste and music promoter Sugar Shane over allegations that his name and image were used to promote a show without his consent.

MJ Sings was said to be part of musicians performing at an event dubbed GqomLife Winter Gardens held at Signature Bar in Bulawayo on Saturday, but took to Facebook, where he posted that he was not part of the event.

“Please, note: I am not part of the event below. We were made aware of the poster and reached out to the organisers, but it’s still circulating,” he said, and attached a poster used to market the event.

In a follow-up interview with NewsDay Life & Style, Sugar Shane said he had spoken to MJ Sings, who agreed to performing at the event.

“I spoke to MJ Sings directly by the steps of Murphy Cubic studio where he records. We discussed the event in brief, and I asked if he would be interested in performing, of which he agreed. I told him, I was in the process of creating a flyer. I asked if I could add him to the programme and he agreed,” he said.

Sugar Shane said he was shocked on the day to see people sending screenshots of the post and thread, which he ignored until Monday.

“It was news to me. People were sending me screenshots and I was surprised. However, I ignored it, but today (Monday), when I was on Facebook, I saw the thread was growing and MJ kept adding fuel to the flame. MJ has my number and he could have made that post a week before the event, and we could have resolved the matter.”

Meanwhile, MJ Sings said the two had a conversation, which he felt was an idea yet to be developed and acted upon.

“We had a conversation when we bumped into each other. As far as we were concerned, it was an idea. When we saw the flyer, we approached the organisers directly and indirectly, but did not get a response.

“My manager, initially, approached Skaiva, who he knows and had seen the flyer, and was part of the event team. Upon speaking with Skaiva, he advised my manager that he would speak with the organisers, because they had told him we had confirmed. We never heard anything thereafter,” he said.