Magaya ‘rape’ victim springs to his defence

PHD Founder Prophet Walter Magaya

The case in which Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries leader Walter Magaya is accused of raping and impregnating a 17-year-old girl he had adopted has taken a new twist after the alleged rape victim released a video exonerating him.


The victim’s parents, who are not named in a video posted on social media, claimed that Magaya had adopted their two daughters in January 2013 after they failed to raise school fees, but one of them fell pregnant and alleged that Magaya was responsible.

The claims were made through a video on The List Show, by Enesia Mashusha, a Zimbabwean in the United Kingdom. The show claimed the girl was now in hiding, fearing drastic action from Magaya.

But in another video that went viral late on Saturday, the victim denied the assertion that she was raped, accusing unnamed people of trying to satisfy their personal interests. She also denied that she was in hiding.

“It’s funny. Firstly, I would like to clear the air, I was not raped. If I was, I would have commented on this. We have not responded to anything that has been said,” she said.

“So,this has to stop; you’re not helping anyone, but destroying lives. We have just had our wedding two months ago and we were happy, we are still in honeymoon. Whoever came up with this is using it for their own gain; we have not been in hiding.”

She recorded the video with a man who she introduced as her husband. But the victim’s parents narrated the events that led to the sexual abuse. They said Magaya summoned the victim’s mother to his house in June 2013 and informed her that her daughter was pregnant, just two weeks after she turned 18.

She said in the video that she asked him how it happened. Magaya allegedly told her that her daughter was three weeks pregnant and that the man that impregnated her had refused to take responsibility. The parents said their daughter had first told them through text messages that Magaya was the father of her child. They further alleged that Magaya used to sexually abuse her in the toilet and in the prayer room.

The victim’s mother said she asked her if they were in love, something which she denied, saying she was manipulated until she gave in. The family said they confronted Magaya in August 2016, alleging he initially denied being the father of the child before he conceded with an apology. Magaya was not reachable for comment.