Leadership deficiency crippling Zim: Chamisa

Nelson Chamisa


Zimbabwe’s economic crisis has potential to breed instability in the country and needs urgent redress, opposition leader Nelson Chamisa has said.

Chamisa, mandated by the MDC congress in May to find lasting solutions to the crisis unfolding in the country through a multi-sectorial approach, said the main challenge facing Zimbabwe
was a lack of leadership.

“Zimbabwe faces an extraordinary, unprecedented and multifaceted crisis, a political crisis upon an election dispute birthing a shortage of everything, unprecedented challenges called
for an unprecedented response and extraordinary disposition,” Chamisa told NewsDay.

“We have serious shortages in the country, shortages of fuel, power, basics like bread, shortages of jobs, but the biggest shortage we have is of leadership, we do not have a leadership that can deal with these problems and turn them into our strengths, that is the leadership we need right now.”

Chamisa said there was need for urgency in dealing with the problems confronting the country.

“We must confront our challenges with urgency because we can’t stay any day longer in this crisis. There must be urgency at your work place, there must be urgency in your home, in your
kitchen, this is no way for a nation to live, the people of Zimbabwe deserve better,” he said.

Chamisa has declared that his MDC would not allow Zanu PF leader and President Emmerson Mnangagwa to stay up to 2023 at the helm of leadership, accusing the party and its leader of having stolen the July 2018 presidential election, leading to a legitimacy crisis.

The MDC believes the only escape route from the crisis was through a politically-negotiated settlement which will result in a comprehensive package of electoral reforms, establishment
of a transitional government and the exit from power by Zanu PF before a new election can be conducted.

Zanu PF has responded saying it has solutions to the economic crisis and the recent introduction of the Zimdollar was part of the plan to resolve the crisis.

Mnangagwa also opened the political actors dialogue where he also invited Chamisa, who spurned the invitation, saying it was a stage-managed dialogue process with fringe political players and would not present a legitimate outcome.


  1. There goes that little boy again, overtaken by events. Chamisa thought the high rate of exchange between the rtgs dollar and the us dollar was his successful weapon against Ed, but he has been shocked. Nelson akarohwa nezveusiku. Vanonzi Proffessor Ncube. Musadherere. Now even every fool knows that the prices of basics are going down daily. Zimbabwe may also soon start exporting cruid oil. All foreign currency in zimbabwe will only be used through zimdollar. Hakuna anouya mushop but through zimdollar. Hakuna rand rinotenga muno but through zimdollar. Hakuna Usa rinotenga muno but through bank and berue dechange. As simple as all that. It is up to us to give value to our own currency and we have successfuly done so. Vanoti vanodira majecha this time they need to empty the whole of sahara and kaiahari deserts and still fail in their subotage acts. By the way, China recently lended to our nation in yuan. Goodbye Us Dollar monopoly. Welcome multicurrency system on world stage.

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