Justice ministry, Zacc probe Chivi messenger


JUSTICE minister Ziyambi Ziyambi has roped in the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) to investigate Chivi Messenger of Court Albert Chamwadoro, who is facing fraud allegations.

Chamwadoro, who is the former legislator for Chivi Central stands accused of collecting clients’ property, reselling the items or keeping them for personal use and charging clients non-existant fees as well as collecting property without a court order or writ.

Some Chivi residents have said they can only testify against him if the State guarantees them protection, since he has been threatening them saying he has
political muscle and is untouchable because of connections at the top.

“Although we are going to carry out our own investigations, I have handed over numerous allegations levelled against Chivi Messenger of Court to Zacc because
of their magnitude,” Ziyambi told Southern Eye.

Chamwadoro is accused of collecting cattle, solar panels, batteries and various household items and failing to hand them over to Maria Gwadamwa after she split with her husband.

In another case, he allegedly grabbed a Honda Fit vehicle from Rueben Gwede before the ruling was passed on his case with a local micro-finance institution
which he owed $800. He is also reported to have taken a butchery scale from Gwede which he never auctioned.

Priscilla Ruzive, another complainant, wrote to Chivi resident magistrate complaining about how Chamwadoro handled her case which involved her employee who was
demanding $116 dollars from her.

However, when she received a breakdown of her charges after paying $551 into Chamwadoro’s personal EcoCash account one of the charges was for replying her
letter of complaint.

When she further questioned drawing of an advert charges, on the breakdown, he went on to flight an advert in the newspaper which appeared three weeks later
even though she had already paid in full.

Reached for comment Masvingo Provincial Magistrate Langton Ndokera said he had been promoted to provincial magistrate, while Chamwadoro was on suspension facing charges of stock theft.

“I am not sure how he was reinstated or how the case was concluded, but I know he was on suspension when I came,” Ndokera said.

Commenting on Gwadamwa’s case Chamwadoro said some hired thugs stole her property, and on Ruzive’s case he said he might have made a mistake in calculating the

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