The Most Hilarious and Outrageous Fake News About 5G


The Most Hilarious and Outrageous Fake News About 5G

Humanity has a history of inventing new and amazing things – and an equally long history of naysayers, critics, and dogmatic thinking. Back in the day, the dogma said that the Earth is the centre of the universe – the scientists providing evidence for the contrary were routinely burned at stake, stoned or terminated in a similarly horrible fashion. Later, those who dared to contradict the scientific dogma (yes, it exists) were routinely ridiculed by its representatives – the so-called “luminaries” of their times. It was said that aeroplanes will never fly, that trains will shake the uteri out of women’s bodies, that watching television makes us stupid, and that mobile phones fry our brains. You don’t need to be a Betway insider to see that each new invention brings out hordes of fearmongers and naysayers spreading fake news and lies about pretty much any major new technology that’s being implemented. Today, it’s 5G’s turn to be on the receiving end of this treatment. Here are some of the most ridiculous and outrageous claims some people have made about the next generation mobile network.

It is going to microwave your brain

The myth of mobile phones flooding our bodies – especially our brains – with radiation that will “microwave” it has emerged at the time 2G – in 1991. This is a persistent rumour that re-emerges whenever a new generation of mobile communication standard is rolled out.

The fact is that the frequencies at which mobile phones work have no way of producing any heat in your body. Actually, a tanning booth is much more dangerous than even the strongest radiation emitted by a mobile phone – no matter if it’s 2G, 3G, 4G, even 5G.

It’s a CIA/Government conspiracy

Some groups in the United States see 5G as a conspiracy backed by Google and the US government to conduct mass surveillance of the public not only in the United States but all over the world where this new standard is rolled out. This is an argument that routinely shows up in Alt-right discussion groups that claim that Google is a communist entity that, hand in hand with the so-called “deep state”, plans to steal our most cherished secrets through this new mobile technology.

Some have even gone as far as to call a CIA plot that aims to endanger not only human health but the environment, as well. Oh, and democracy.

Cancer, sickness, death

While corporations paying off scientists to produce favourable reports and studies is not unheard of, it is becoming increasingly hard to pull off in today’s connected world. Still, there are many who claim that all the studies conducted all around the world that have proven that the radiation of the 5G towers will cause no harm whatsoever are all bought and paid for by “Big Telecom” – the biggest telecommunication companies around the world.

And that, in fact, radio waves cause cancer, destroy our health, and lead to premature deaths.

Actually, there is a strong scientific consensus on the safety of these frequencies, backed by international organizations like the WHO, and local regulators in every country, that are constantly monitoring all the new technologies being introduced.

At least nobody says that 5G will cause women’s uteri to fall out of their bodies, right?