Harare double city parking to $5/hr


Harare City Council’s parking subsidiary, City Parking, has increased its parking tariffs by more than 100% for the second time this year, as another wave of rate hikes hits an already struggling population.

The new prices will be ZWL$5 per hour and ZWL$3 per 30 minutes for inner central business district (CBD) (bordered by Simon Muzenda Street, Herbert Chitepo, Rotten Row and Kenneth Kaunda) parking, from ZWL$2 per hour previously. For peripheral CBD parking, the prices will increase to ZWL$3 per hour from the previous price of ZWL$1 per hour.

“We are increasing the parking fees because of the economic changes that are prevailing in the country. Our costs are up, so there is a necessity for us to
increase the charges,” a source at City Parking, who asked for anonymity, told NewsDay.

In a notice announcing the new prices, City Parking said the price adjustments will be implemented with effect from tomorrow.

City Parking said it will soon introduce a mobile self-service application.

In March this year, City Parking increased parking fees by 100% to ZWL$2 per hour for inner CBD parking from ZW$1 and the periphery went up from ZWL$0,50 to
$1 per hour.

Zimbabwe has been facing economic challenges since last year, including runaway inflation and a foreign currency shortage which has seen the local currency

While prices of goods and services continue to rise, wages remain stagnant, putting more pressure on people’s monthly cost of living.

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