Gospel musician launches album

GOSPEL musician Anesu Saini (pictured) is set to launch his second album, The Greater Season, on a local radio station on July 12.


Saini told NewsDay Life & Style that the title of his six-track album presents God promising greater things to Zimbabwe.

“The Greater Season is all about God who is telling his people that if they believe in him, they will receive bigger thing. So, this message is mainly for Zimbabweans who are being told by God that things will get better even if we are suffering now. Big things have already been set by God for Zimbabwe, and we will soon enjoy the benefits,” he said.

“One of the songs, Mwaka, talks about how people will be miraculously raised from poverty without even expecting it. That’s why Zimbabweans should be calm for God is yet to show them his power.”

Saini said he decided to launch his album on radio so that he can reach out to a wider audience.

“Radio has a wider coverage as compared to a local live show. It’s a powerful tool, especially to us upcoming musicians. Instead of a small gathering, radio will cover almost everyone, even those who are in the rural areas,” he said.

Inspired by veteran gospel musician, Charles Charamba, Saini said his music is inspired by his own life experiences and the desire he has to spread the word of God.

He encouraged gospel musicians to be prayerful and continue producing despite the harsh economic conditions.

“As gospel musicians, we should be prayer warriors so that we can produce music that speaks to the people. We also need to ignore the economy and do as much as we can to spread the word of God despite the fact that it might be hard to get returns from the money we would have invested,” he said.

Tracks on the album include Munda Waibva, Ndaziva Jesu, Mwaka, Ndichanamata Mwari, Ndinochemera Mweya and Open a new door.

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