Don’t expect decent salaries from ED govt: MDC

The Nelson Chamisa-led MDC yesterday said President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government, in its present form, does not have the capacity to decently reward its employees unless there is change in the political landscape to take on board other players.


MDC spokesperson Daniel Molokele said without the political dialogue, Zimbabwe’s future was doomed.

“Obviously, the government has no capacity,” Molokele said. “That is why we are saying the current political set up, as it stands, does not have the capacity, not even in a thousand years, because if you were to give every civil servant ZW$4 700 where will that money come from.

“We know that the economic fundamentals of this country are not yet in place so clearly we need to go beyond the current government. Anyone having faith in this government will wait forever. They simply do not have capacity.
“We are now saying it is no longer a Zanu PF matter or an MDC matter, but it is a national crisis and we need to resolve it as Zimbabweans.”

Civil servants are demanding at least $4 700, but the government has only offered far less than the anticipated, pushing the civil servant to declare incapacitation.

On Tuesday, they marched in protest before submitting a petition, calling on government to act swiftly or they take appropriate action.

The MDC has refused to accept Mnangagwa’s legitimacy since the disputed elections last year and is pressing for a political dialogue curated by a neutral party involving many players including civil society to correct the situation.

MDC secretary for labour Gideon Shoko said government must face its workers and negotiate decent wages.

“Civil servants are right by demanding that they be given salary increases. Us as MDC, we are very clear about these issues. These issues are happening because of the politics of this country and this is why we say let’s deal with the politics and when we are done with the politics everything will fall in place,” Shoko said.

“It is very important that the government works on these issues as soon as possible so that we have a satisfied public service.”

He said the amount put forward by civil servants was a negotiating figure and the government must consider the figure in good faith.

Meanwhile, Shoko slammed the intimidation of Zimbabwe Congress Trades Union leaders, saying this infringes on their constitutional rights. This follows reports that unknown people send the top leadership bullets, ostensibly to intimidate them against mobilising against the Zanu PF led government in the wake of the worsening economic situation in the country.

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  1. Haiwavo tibvirei kumhepo! Your MDC A party is failing to stomach it’s electoral loss in the 2018 National Plebiscite. The fundamentals of our economy is simply to make the UK, USA, The EU and their allies remove debilitating, deleterious, satanic,ruinous, spiteful and racist economic sanctions they imposed on our motherland at the invitation of the Mdc A. Please let your MPS do the debates in parliament and take the country forward; we can not afford to to continually fixated on elections, elections, be serious.
    Look, just recently your party lost in every by-election conducted and vindicates Zanu p.f that it is still very popular despite your ‘jecha muUpfu’ politics.
    Your party can not fool everyone all the time. Simply call for the removal of the satanic economic sanctions and your popularity will soar high……free advice for your crap head…

  2. tibvirepo iwe dofo rakadzidza sanctions iZanu

  3. Farai J Nhire.

    Zimbabweans in general are much wiser than Mdc Alliance and that fact should get into these guys’ thick heads. Nelson must remember that every zimbabwean is well aware of his jecha musadza mantra and that is the reason why these people always protest whenever the zimbabwean government takes any steps good for the general populace. They are on record recently threatening to mobilse protests to force government to revert back to multicurrency system but I am not sure how many madofo would agree to protest against what’s good for them. The first step for which I would respect the opposition would be to denounce sanctions against our nation and stop agitgting people to behave in a way that frightens our investors. Ed’s government has achieved a lot in a short space of time and those who are fighting hard to subotage him will only have themselves to blame soon. Remember that man will not rush to act before he gives you enough warning and those who are abusing their business licences will lose them for good.


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