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Corruption ruined our future: Zanu PF youth



ZANU PF youth have hailed the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission for arresting and arraigning before the courts Tourism minister Priscah Mupfumira on allegations of swindling the National Social Security Authority (Nssa) of over US$95,6 million.

The youth, who had earlier on produced a list of alleged corrupt party bigwigs before threatening to release more names, yesterday said endemic corruption in
State institutions has destroyed their future.

Mabutho Moyo, Zanu PF youth deputy national secretary for administration, yesterday told Southern Eye that corruption was largely to blame for the economic
problems prevailing in the country, though sanctions also contributed.

“Our future has been destroyed largely because of corruption. Yes, the nation has faced a series of sanctions that have affected our industry and our companies
are failing to get foreign funding because of those sanctions, but it’s very critical that we need to be honest about corruption,” Moyo said.

“Corruption has eroded our future and when we went to elections in 2018, our manifesto was very clear, our President (Emmerson Mnangagwa) was very clear, we
promised the people of Zimbabwe that we, as Zanu PF, were going to fight corruption. Yes, as Zanu PF, we have no power to arrest. There are systems and
structures which are meant to do that: Zacc and the police, of course. Our position as the youth league is very clear. We are saying anyone who is found to be
corrupt should be brought to book.”

He said all Zimbabweans, who are feeling the weight of economic collapse, want the corruption fight escalated.

“I have seen that Zacc has released a hotline, where you can call them when you have witnessed corruption. I have just been watching a video in which (Zacc
chair) Justice (Loice) Matanda-Moyo was saying they have received about 38 cases of corruption and 10 of them are high profile,” Moyo said.

“Already as Zimbabweans we should be worried. So many high profile corruption cases, how many billions of money that have been lost to selfish individuals are
we talking about?”

He demanded that no stone should be left unturned in the fight against graft. Even party bigwigs should be brought to book if caught on the wrong side of the
law, Moyo said.

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions secretary-general Japhet Moyo added their voice saying the labour movement was curious whether Zacc arrests were genuine,
because previous ones have not led to convictions.

“The fight against corruption should not only be a government fight against social ills, but a national fight for our dignity and future. There is a consensus
in the country that corruption is a cancerous evil practice that destroys our dignity, our future and sets an awful legacy for the generations to come,” Moyo

Pointing out that Zacc should not be used to settle political scores, Moyo added: “With this consensus, it is then prudent that the institutions and
instruments used to fight corruption are transparent and accountable to Parliament, so those in the driving sit don’t use it to settle political scores or
punish their political opponents and competitors.

“The current crusade that has netted the minister of Tourism already has raised more questions around the seriousness and transparency in fighting corruption.

Not that we are saying she does not have a case to answer, but because people do not trust the very people responsible for the arrest of the minister of

“Trust is earned over a long time and government itself is viewed as corrupt, with subsequent Auditor-General’s reports revealing rot in all parastatals and
ministries. For years now, we have seen those in power or connected stealing through corruption with impunity and in most instances rewarded and until those
fingered are convicted and sent to jail, no one would ever believe this government is serious about fighting corruption.”

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