CitiMed launches first CT scan equipment


CITIMED Hospital in Chitungwiza has launched its first ever Computerised Tomography (CT) scanning equipment in collaboration with Diagnostic Radiology and MRI Centre.


A CT scan combines a series of X-ray images taken from different angles of one’s body and uses computer processing to create cross-sectional images of the bones, blood vessels and soft tissues inside the body in an effort to provide more detailed information than what plain X-rays do.

Officially launching the new equipment recently, Health and Child Care minister Obadiah Moyo commended the hospital for its corporate social responsibility programmes that include free breast cancer screening using the Mammogram Machine during its open days.

“Not only do they focus on cancer screening, but they also do cleft lip and palate programmes, cataract extractions and provision of sunscreen to people with albinism,” he said.

Diagnostic Radiology and MRI Centre head Dumisani Ndlovu said the CT scan would improve the diagnosis process of patients towards establishing the correct treatment for them.

“The advantages of the CT scan we have here is that it is a very advanced machine which gives a lot of clear detail inside the human body. When you have correct details, it helps in prescribing the correct treatment for patients,” he said.

“The CT scan deals with different difficult cases, with examples of stroke or tumours or fractures showing the scans clearly without any doubt so that the patient can receive the correct treatment.”

Ndlovu said the treatment costs could not be clearly established because of the current economic crisis in the country.

“The cost of the scan cannot be established considering the state of the economy, but in terms of the US dollars, it would cost a few hundred dollars for the service. We already did the first phase, which was free of charge about a month ago for about 40 patients,” he said.