Chiwanza to expose ‘theft’ at Zifa

BY Kevin Mapasure

Suspended Zifa executive committee member Chamu Chiwanza has promised to spill the beans on the “theft” that is taking place at the association, following his suspension on allegations of electoral fraud as well as his alleged role in distabilising the Warriors at the Africa Cup of Nations finals (Afcon).

As Zifa carries out its inquest in the Afcon debacle where the Warriors bowed out at the first hurdle following two defeats and a draw in Group A, Chiwanza is alleged to have played a role, together with former president Philip Chiyangwa and his deputy Omega Sibanda, in influencing players to make withdrawal threats.

On Thursday, Zifa announced Chiwanza’s suspension with Zifa president Felton Kamambo alleging that he was part of a group that was working to cause confusion
among the players.

Yesterday Chiwanza told NewsDaySport that he would react at an appropriate time, but said he will make damning revelations about the way Zifa funds have been

Acting vice-president Philemon Machana is responsible for the finance portfolio, with some of his operations having raised eyebrows, particularly when he moved
money from the association’s bank accounts to his company account.

“I am going to respond at the right time, but what I can promise now is that when I respond (to the Zifa allegations), I will bring the temple down on their
heads,” he said.

“It’s coming very soon. Thieves will be exposed. People will see who the real thieves are. It’s going to be big; it’s going to be biblical.”

The group that has been identified by Zifa is alleged to have caused confusion by telling the players that Zifa councillors that travelled to the Afcon finals
had been paid US$4 000 each while journalists got $5 000 each.

With this information the players started to make huge demands while threatening not to fulfil matches as they pressed for payment.

“I want to bear with the players,” Kamambo told journalists on Thursday. “I feel for them as well because you are in camp and someone is phoning you and giving
you information that supporters coming to Egypt are being paid $400 per day when you have been paid US$1 500 to participate in the whole tournament. Yes, US$1
500. That is what we had agreed, then the other amount was going to be paid as and when, but because of the third forces coming into camp, the likes of Hope
Chizuzu, the former president Philip Chiyangwa, board member Chamu Chiwanza, that acted as catalysts to cause confusion in the camp.”

Chiyangwa had promised to respond at a Press conference yesterday, but had not done so by the time of going to print.

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  1. kamambo, Stop blaming everyone around you and keeping yourself clean. That is the beginning of a collapsing colossus. If I were you, I will start by accepting the responsibility and being accountable for the warriors loss. Then don’t rush to make unfounded allegations all over the shore to clear yourself. Sit down my friend, think ,plan, review, and act. All this suspending of people, writing to FIFA & CAF to recall Phillip, accusing players of being influenced by outside sources to play badly etc, is a rushed reaction to a situation. Be rational and think through things, avoid panic reactions to situational circumstances. Give yourself time to think through and then make a wiser decision.

    Just a word of advise.

  2. burn it all Chamu tingajaidze ma baharanzi

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