Books should mirror society: Nyamufukudza


THE annual Zimbabwe International Book Fair (ZIBF) roared to life on Monday in Harare, amid calls for writers to publish books that mirror society.

This year’s book fair will run until Saturday under the theme Footprints of the Book: Milestone & Opportunities at its ceremony home, the Harare Gardens.

Speaking at the Indaba, guest speaker and author of the book titled Non Believers Journey, Stanley Nyamufukudza, said books that mirror life experiences appeal
to readers more than fiction books.

“Writers should publish books that mirror their lives. They should see themselves in the book for them to identify themselves with the book and the writer,” he

Zambian writer Cheela Chilala said there was power in books, hence their banning by some politicians and religious leaders.

“There is power in books and they can positively influence how people live…and they outlive the author,” Chilala said. ads Ads

In her presentation at the Indaba, Nyadire Teachers’ College lecturer Roseline Kumvekera said writers owe readers an explanation for their failure to navigate
through all aspects of life, including tourism.

ZIBF interim chairman Jasper Maenzanise said this year’s edition of the book fete would present stakeholders with an opportunity to celebrate the milestone
achieved in the book industry despite a plethora of challenges it faced.

“It is the association’s submission that a theme such as Footprints of the Book: Milestones & Opportunities would give ZIBF an opportunity to look back and
identify what stakeholders think are the milestones achieved so far, celebrate them as well as point out clearly how and where each milestone was achieved, and
what opportunities should be exploited to bring back the renaissance,” he said.

New activities at this year’s fair include the junior achievers’ competition, poetry slam, book readings, story-telling, traditional and contemporary dances,
as well as and discounted book sales.

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