Afro-fusion star eyes tour



AFRO-FUSION musician David Hondoyedzomba, affectionately known as HD in music circles, is set to tour South Africa, Tanzania and United Kingdom soon after the winter season to market his music.

Speaking to NewsDay Life & Style recently, Hondoyedzomba said his sponsors abroad are putting final touches to make him internationally acceptable.

“We are pushing my music internationally now with various sponsors who are abroad. My first tour will be in South Africa mid-August, followed by Tanzania and finally United Kingdom in a bid to put Zimbabwe on the international market,” he said.

With three albums to his name — Uncle Sam, Bhora Mberi and H.D — the Usandisiye singer is doing collaborations with various prominent artistes, who include Baba Harare, Kireni Zulu
and Taku WeMhazi.

“This year I have not decided to launch an album, but I am doing single collaborations with artistes like Baba Harare, Taku Wemhazi and Kireni Zulu to be released soon. I have also
featured Sulumani Chimbetu in my recent video Baba Munenge Rombe,” HD said.

The artiste, who hails from Chiweshe, got his inspiration from the late legendary music superstar and national hero Oliver Mtukudzi and hopes to keep both the province and the nation proud.

“I was inspired by Tuku since we come from the same province. It gives me pride to be a child from Chiweshe, hence I am looking forward to keep entertaining both the province and the nation as was done by our late hero.”

The singer’s talent saw him scooping the Chibuku Road to Fame crown several times and he has never looked back since then.