Zanu PF MP ‘rejects’ MDC official’s medical donations

CHIREDZI West legislator Farai Musikavanhu has allegedly withdrawn hospital beds and other medical ancillary supplies donated to Chiredzi Polyclinic by opposition MDC losing parliamentary aspirant John Mangange, and dumped the goods outside the council offices.


Musikavanhu reportedly roped in State security apparatus to order the removal of the donations from the clinic.
Mangange, who is based in the United Kingdom, donated an ambulance, 30 wheelchairs, three 5 000-litre water tanks, 10 electric operated beds, BP testing kits and various other items to the Chiredzi Town Council-run polyclinic in a bid to ease congestion at Chiredzi General Hospital maternity ward.

He also helped with the refurbishment of the clinic’s buildings. The donations worth thousands of United States dollars were recently handed over to Chiredzi Town Council in the presence of Masvingo Provincial Affairs minister Ezra Chadzamira.

However, Manganye’s nemesis Musikavanhu teamed up with State security agents, forcibly removed the donations from the clinic last week and dumped them at the council workshop backyard.

Southern Eye visited the workshop on Monday, and found the beds strewn all over the yard, while the clinic’s labour ward only left with two beds. The ambulance had also been removed from the premises.

Musikavanhu referred all questions to council chairperson Gibson Hwende.

“May I suggest to you that you ask the council chair and town secretary,” Musikavanhu said.

Hwende said he was not aware that the donations had been removed from the clinic.

“I am not aware, will check and give you feedback on that,” he said.

Former Chiredzi West MP Darlington Chiwa (Zanu PF) described Musikavanhu’s action as political suicide, adding the move would cost the ruling party dearly in the 2023 election.

“If this was the idea of (President Emmerson) Mnangagwa and his wife’s (which I doubt) way of thinking; then they are not fit to rule this country. Zanu PF should thoroughly vet some of their candidates, otherwise some are just in there to destroy the party from within,” Chiwa said.

“On the other hand, we have overzealous State security agents in Chiredzi that is why some are now playing the part of bodyguards to certain individuals, or harass ordinary citizens over petty issues, while some are now involved in food distribution.

“I don’t think their headquarters is even aware of such behaviour that is reducing the respected intelligence department to mere police constabularies bereft of elementary professional ethics.”

Chiwa added: “I am sure the donations were going to benefit all and sundry regardless of their political affiliation. Even Manganye made the donations without a political jacket. This is what Mnangagwa is looking for from those in the diaspora. That is why the Minister of State was even involved in the clearing of those donations at Beitbridge Border Post. He played his ministerial and fatherly role.”

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  1. Malcom Takawira

    Donations meant to benefit the community should be accepted despite our differences. I am sure they are protocols to be observed if such big donations are to be done.

  2. Lord we have sinned forgive us for our sins. I used to hate zanu pf to the core but now have come with the terms and accepted the evil nature of Zanu pf. We as human beings Lord we know nothing but you Lord know everything. Lord I ask for the forgiveness of our sins. Free us from this bondage, I dont want to believe that this kind of leadership of zanu pf that we have in Zimbabwe was anointed in heavens. You are God or love, justice, equality and of all good, anything that goes against you does not come from you and thats the reason why I dont want to believe that zanu pf leadership has your blessings. If it has your blessings forgive me. Lord my prayer in Zimbabwe is for justice and healing.

  3. I think Musikavanhu is one person crying for urgent medical help.
    If this is true, then the President needs to personally visit the hospital and get the full facts pronto.

  4. Honai vanhu vennyu Mwari!1

  5. Stupidity of the highest order by the mp he is not fit for the office

  6. janana Bikaz madhogodhogo

    And you hear these zanu pf maggots saying we should work together as a nation.What hogwash!Look at this wicked man called Musikavanhu,sacrificing lives of people who could benefit from the donated medical items,for a mere reason that the items are coming from MDC?If the community that voted for such an evil man are really living human beings they should just kick out that bastard

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