Tuku grandson playing guitar

SELMOR Mtukudzi’s 11-year-old son, Tinaye Ben Manatsa, who received a Tanglewood acoustic guitar from the late Oliver Mtukudzi, has started showing prowess with the instrument.


Selmor (pictured) told NewsDay Life & Style that her son has been writing songs and playing the guitar.

“I’m proud to see that he has the dedication to apply himself to something and it makes me happy to see the great talent that he has,” she said.

“He loves his grandfather’s music and he uses it to learn the guitar, but he has also been writing his own songs.”
Selmor said she will support her son if he decides to take up music.

“Right now, we are just letting him enjoy himself. If he later decides to take music full time, then we will help in every way we can. Ben played for my father a few years ago and Tuku maybe saw his potential then. He is too young to start a career. Yes, he can be involved in some projects, but he won’t be starting a career at this point.

Same as me, I started singing when I was young, but only began my career much later.”

Ben has the advantage of music progeny on his side as his father and paternal grandfather, Tendai and Zexie Manatsa, respectively, are accomplished musicians.

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