President Mbeki right on electoral fraud

ZANU PF’s intention to spin remarks by former South African President Thabo Mbeki are baseless and an act of desperation to find endorsement where none exists.

MDC communications

In essence, Mbeki recognises that a win which President Emmerson Mnangagwa claims to have obtained in July 2018 has failed to create sufficient consensus and should, therefore, be cured by a national dialogue. He also recognises the MDC reservations on the ongoing dialogue which must be attended to.

More importantly, the point of departure is that the basis of the dialogue, mostly electoral fraud and triumphalism, in which the “winner” takes everything and runs towards the mountain, does not work.

It is, therefore, mischievous to have a couple of people gathering around a table and agreeing that the election was credible and, therefore, there is no need to talk about it.

The current crisis is a reflection of election results, which are not reflective of the people’s will. Mbeki makes that point quiet clearly.

His interview is an indictment on both the Judiciary and Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, a point we have always made.

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  2. The Mbeki seems to trying to make a name for himself he was very silent when the old Man Mugabe was around

  3. Just to ask Kintere: what did yu do when the old man was around

  4. If Mbeki has any help for any one , it should be helping his own country and not try to make a name outside his country .

  5. Still in election mode a year after the elections

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  7. If he notices something bad, let it be and not to chase him away.we need people who express their opinions not because on your side is bad but for the sack of truth and for the benefit of the entire nation . You are welcome mr Mbeki so what the way forward?.

  8. the anc not president mbeki are the guilty part here in 2008 there was a plan of invading zim militarily but under mbeki they say no today the people of zim are suffering they could have gained freedom even though at a cost liberation movement are the greatest destroyers of afriica

    1. So you are suggesting that an invasion by foreign powers was what we needed? Since you have acknowledged that this would have come at a cost, can I ask you what this cost would have been? Give details.

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