NGZ calls for submissions


THE National Gallery of Zimbabwe (NGZ) is calling on artists aged 18 to 30 years to submit their artworks for the New Signatures exhibition penciled for July 29 to October 7.

NGZ assistant curator Valerie Sithole told NewsDay Life & Style that some artists had already started submitting their work for the exhibition whose submission deadline is July 22.

The exhibition is open to Zimbabwean artists resident in the country and abroad.

“We have already started receiving artworks and we are still encouraging more submissions from the young,” he said.

“New Signatures is a tool to encourage young artists to ponder on any kind of object or subject matter that expresses their own uniqueness. This exhibition calls them to create ideas relating to their own lives and to think about how these could be dwelt upon to create their own marks or signatures. What mark or signature are you leaving?”

Sithole said the exhibition, inspired by portrait photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, sought to present contemporary art characterised by the use of new media. Ads

“The exhibition seeks to present contemporary art, which considers the influential role of vision and the visual in exploring new media. It will focus the spotlight on young natural talent, seeking truth beyond the visible and the tangible and to offer fresh perspectives including social modification, identity, religion, science and the role of art,” she said.

“The artists are to consider emotions, inspiration, discoveries, reflections and other elements that separate each artist from the (other). The show is a representation of how they see and document themselves and their communities. Robert Mapplethorpe, who was a portrait photographer in the 20th century, experimented with various techniques and autobiography to create private diaries, different personas, individuality and mortality.”

Sithole encouraged artists to include their conceptual statements and bio-data.

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