NEWSBREAK: MDC youths to confront ED

The newly elected opposition MDC Youth Assembly has vowed to mobilise Zimbabweans to confront the Emmerson Mnangagwa-led government through demonstrations as the country’s economic crisis continues to show no signs of recovery.

Speaking at a media briefing at the party headquarters in Harare Tuesday afternoon, the charged MDC Youth Assembly National Chairperson Obey Sithole dared Mnangagwa and the ruling Zanu PF to solve the socio-economic and political crises, or face radical confrontation by the masses.

“This assembly has agreed on a confrontational approach in dealing with this corrupt and illegitimate military regime. MDC Youth Assembly we are going to set the pace in making sure that we save this nation from extinction,” said Sithole

“We are not going to respect bayonets and bullets but the voices of the down trodden and long suffering masses. We are definitely going to organize mass action and occupy the streets since the streets have become more comfortable than our empty homes. We hear the state has beefed up its armoury to muzzle our voices, but we are not intimidated for we know they cannot shoot the entire nation. As such we are declaring June our month of radicalization,” he said.

More details to follow….

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  1. Grow up kids,We now have you where we wanted you to be.Try it and brute force will be unleashed upon you,just ask people like Kudzi Chipanga.You will be gunned down be you grow.

    1. Musorobhangu(G40)

      Rubbish fool,corrupted mind

  2. Wezhira Wezhara

    June wava kutopera and we wait for you to mobilize your father and mother.As for my kids, they will not join such foolish and retrogressive actions whose main objective is to retard growth of the economy. And this time the Police should start by hunting down people like Obey Sithole before they arrest the looters themselves.

  3. Shame on you Chairman Mao


    MDC Youth please note that demonstrations are allowed but they musnt be in a violent manner. i urge you to dialogue rather than demonstrate

  5. No matter how much you support these satanists Chairman, we still buy from the same shops, queue together for fuel and meet the same medical expenses. Obviously they are dishing handouts to you like Stalin did with the plucked chicken, so you are really a true sellout. But for how long will you keep enjoying those privileges, at the expense of the suffering masses, before they give you the number eleven boot like they did Chombos, Kasukuweres and others?

  6. These kids are just grandstainding but currently have no relavance. Can they come out clear and tell us what they will do next if Ed steps down. The onus is now on the government and security forces to ask that question. What are they going to do next after Mnangagwa has stepped down? Vana vadiki, tidzikamirei. Inga manga makura zvakanaka wani! Hatidi vanhu vanoita kunge imbwa inotandanisa gonyeti asi rikazenge ramira gonyeti riya iyo yobva yapererwa. Inenge isisazive kuti yoruma vhiri here kana kuti yoita sei.

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