Mupfumira hands over fisheries project to Marange community


Environment, Tourism and Hospitality Industry minister Priscah Mupfumira yesterday handed over a fisheries project to the Marange community during the launch of Manicaland Integrated Environmental Schools projects programme at St Noah College.

The project is an initiative of the of Tourism ministry, which brings together different environmental components in addressing community challenges.

Mupfumira said it was now time to work towards attaining a clean, safe and healthy environment by teaching the youth the right behaviour for sustainable development.

“Such an integrated approach ensures access to clean water from the borehole, food security and nutrition from the aquaculture project, fruit orchard and botanic garden and to ensure cleanliness at the school,” she said.

Mupfumira said the ministry’s national aspiration was to have every school in Zimbabwe equipped with environmental facilities not only for educational purpose, but as a source of food and income for the school and community around it.

Mupfumira said the fishery project is set to support 214 000 families in different parts of the country, which equates to approximately 1,3 million people directly. ads Ads

Mupfumira also urged the Primary and Secondary Education minister Paul Mavhima to also infuse environmental issues into extra curriculum activities.

“Now is the time we work towards attaining a clean, safe and healthy environment, teaching the youth through practising with them the right actions for sustainable development,” she said.

“I am happy with the new syllabus, which emphasises on action-based learning in our schools incorporating environmental issues .”

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