Mnangagwa must come to his senses, re-think dialogue


THE warning issued by the Civil Society and Church Joint Forum (CSCJF) last Friday that the country was teetering on a precipice and might descend into chaos if the deteriorating economic situation in the country was not arrested urgently should not be taken lightly.

This is not the first such warning, and there is, therefore, need for government to take such warnings seriously and quickly institute inclusive dialogue with all stakeholders, including the MDC, to find common solutions and restore the country to stability.

The manner in which the cost of living has been spiralling out of control on the back of the loss of value in the local Real Time Gross Settlement currency can precipitate chaos.

The opposition has already warned of street protests, which are likely to be resisted by the government, even if it means using brute force as has happened before in January when protests over fuel price hikes resulted in loss of lives, destruction of property and massive arrests, but without providing a lasting solution to the crisis bedevilling the country.

We concur with the churches and civic organisations calling for dialogue, which can help ensure that the country does not take a turn for the worst. It is now time for the politicians in this country to set their pride and arrogance aside so that they can work together because the situation on the ground has become untenable.

People are suffering as prices of goods and services are skyrocketing. Money is losing value and people are increasingly disillusioned. This cannot be allowed to continue.

If the necessary intervention does not come, we will slowly reach breaking point and the results may be dire. What is clear is that the dialogue launched by President Emmerson Mnangagwa last month with losing presidential candidates in last year’s elections is unlikely to yield any positive results because MDC leader Nelson Chamisa, who commanded nearly half of the total votes in the polls, snubbed the dialogue on the basis that it lacked a neutral mediator.

There is need to canvass consensus and ensure that real, genuine dialogue among those that represent the voters is held as a matter of urgency, otherwise the downward spiral will continue. As long as the political dialogue is not handled in the manner it should, then the economy will continue to tailspin.

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  1. Matamela Mbedzi

    So, only ED must come to his senses and not cocky Nelson? How many times has Nelson spurned invitations to the negotiating table? You’re definitely dangerously biased, just like all the Zimpapers publications!!

  2. It may as well be naive and a shade too simplistic to suggest that the dialogue, more specifically, Chamisa, holds keys to the economic miracle of this country.If anything, let Chamisa prove to be an effective nation and economic builder by being a constructive opposition leader who plays his part.Otherwise, this may turn out to be wild cries to enter into the fray through the back-door having lost the election.

  3. Farai J Nhire

    This government has a five year mandate to run this country whose economy has been on a downward trajectory for a couple of decades now. It’s not easy to turn arround the economy by mere talks with the opposition and people need to understand that simple fact. The best method to tackle the problem at hand has already been implemented by the finance minister and economic experts including ones from the Imf have confirmed that our financial books are impresively on the mend due to prof Ncube’s methods which is the reason why they have agreed on a staff monitored program with our government and i realy wonder why people want to raise unecessary alarm when in 2008 we experienced a much worse situation. People must relax till 2023 and I sincirely believe by then things will be much better. It also apears the legislation to efectively deal with corruption is almost complete and this is also likely to hasten economic recovery.

    1. The SMP is at the behest of the member State, Zim requested this programme as a flimsy effort at re-engagement BUT the IMF was clear from the start that the SMP will not result in an opening-up of funding as it will only be on advisory basis. The latest IMF and EU report on the government efforts have cast aspersions on the recovery due to missing political and social fundamentals. It is self-evident that the economy is on tailspin all government is trying to do is manage it through propaganda even that is not helping we are already back in 2008. There is a serious lack of creative minds in government Mhtuli and the other few so-called technocrats are captured and towing the usual establishment rhetoric of sugarcoating the state of affairs. Continued denial disaster is looming.

      1. Nonsense from you Sinyo as usual. The programme is on course with big and small adjustments here and there. 3 years voting to leave the EU, the UK government hasn’t made any substantive progress. Can we say they lack creative minds? It’s you Sinyo who captured by the BSAP/Askari mentality of the MDC, who are trying – and will fail – to get into government by the backdoor. And we are not back in 2008 – that’s a fact.

  4. nxaa puppets , do you think this goblin talk you are sent to comment on posts works.. silly!!..

  5. The dialogue is one of the vital cogs in turning around the economy not the only panacea. Chamisa is not mandated to fix the economy he is not in government, the onus is on ED to reach out to Chamisa if he is serious and sincere about making a better Zimbabwe for all.

  6. Newsday and Newday editors are not writing these articles to rational individuals. They are appealing to emotional people. The use of rhetoric has been made popular by people like Donald Trump through Facebook data. Even if you present a reasonable argument is has no appeal to some people and Newsday knows this.

    The use of words as a means of rousing sentimental temperature is well understood. And Newsday editors are using it as an instrument. They know what they are doing.

  7. Stop removing our comments NewsDay! Stop it stop it. We don’t agree with you and your pathetic editorials.

  8. This is pathetic propaganda. So Chamisa has all the senses in the world when he can’t even run his own party? This is MDC baas Coltart’s own admission in this week Standard newspaper: “BM: As the new treasurer-general of the MDC, what would you say is the future of the party?

    DC: There are two things about the MDC and I have said this at all our party caucuses.

    We have let down our membership in two fundamental ways in the past 20 years. Firstly, we allowed ourselves to be divided. I mean it’s ridiculous that someone
    like Nelson Chamisa and I ended up in two separate entities because we have worked together for 20 years. We think the same way, the same with many of my other
    colleagues in the MDC.

    But the leadership was divided and that was a failure to our supporters and to the nation. It was a gift to Zanu PF.

    Secondly, we have not run this party as efficiently as it should be run and I have said this time and again, we can’t say to the electorate we can run
    Zimbabwe well if we can’t run our own party well.

    These are the challenges and for all that Zanu PF has thrown at us, we can only blame ourselves for those two things — being divided and not running ourselves efficiently.

    I think what you saw was the reestablishment of the party of the 11th of September 1999.

    Those of us who were at Rufaro — and I was at Rufaro — I am now back with my colleagues and we are seeing the re-emergence of the founding principles of that

    We are dealing with the division issue and I hope we got a new leadership which is committed to run this party efficiently and then we take this party forward, united and efficiently.

    BM: What entails efficiency in you view?

    DC: Well, I mean fundamentally efficient. It’s like asking a businessman what constitutes efficiency. It actually starts in your home.

    If the lawyers in my law practice don’t run their homes well, I am not convinced they can run the legal practice well.

    So we have to start with our home and our home is the party. If our headquarters building is in shambles, if our party offices are derelict, if our staff members are not being paid, then we are not running our home correctly.

    We have got to start there. So we have to start with the nuts and bolts of running the party, that’s the first step.

    We have got to get our family in order. Once we have done that then we gradually expand and we go to the core, to our membership and ultimately we go to the nation.” Do you need creative minds to clean party headquarters?

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