Mandipaza living out her passion


UNITED KINGDOM-BASED property investor Maureen Mbondiah-Mandipaza (pictured) is in Zimbabwe to finalise preparations to host a fund-raising breakfast meeting for vulnerable women around the country.

Speaking to NewsDay Weekender Life & Style recently, Mandipaza said the breakfast meeting will be held at an upmarket venue on October 26, 2019 under the theme Women Aspiring to Do Business.

Proceeds from the event will be forwarded to those running the sanitary pad campaigns for young girls and female inmates in Zimbabwe’s prisons.

Speakers lined up for the meeting include Wadzanai Gumbo of Wadzanai Trust and recruitment specialist Carol Mashingaidze.

“We are also seeking to involve other women of influence to network with us in our quest to help young girls who are vulnerable to prostitution and early marriages. We are trying to get
them to have a different mindset so that they are able to turn lemons into lemonade,” she said.

Mbondiah-Mandipaza, who has lived in the United Kingdom for over 20 years, said her life was a testimony of courage and determination to succeed against all odds.

“I once went through a rough patch in a foreign land and managed to overcome. Now I have mentors who teach that failures are not my final destination, but the beginning of self-
discovery,” she said.

Mbondiah-Mandipaza has a desire to empower women across the globe by helping them become self-sufficient. She also grabbed global attention in 2018 through her book Tales of Womanhood,
which won her an international award.

Mbondiah-Mandipaza is the founder of Womanhood Global (UK), an organisation that empowers and supports disadvantaged young women in Africa. To support this client group, she has
actively engaged in fund-raising initiatives.

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