Let us be selfless like Nkomo: Murwira


HIGHER and Tertiary Education minister Amon Murwira last Friday urged Zimbabweans to emulate the late nationalist and Vice-President Joshua Nkomo, who he described as a selfless man who fought for the good of his countrymen ahead of personal gains.

Speaking during the Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Memorial Lecture at the Midlands State University, Murwira said the late national hero sacrificed to ensure that people were free and empowered in order to work and make Zimbabwe a great nation.

“It is a lesson that we learn from Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo that no universal selfishness can bring social good to all,” Murwira said.

“Let’s be selfless like Father Zimbabwe. He strived to make sure that people were free and could work to make this nation great. There is a need to emulate his selfless leadership.”

Respected academic and author Sabelo Gatsheni Ndlovu delivered the lecture entitled In Memory of Umdala Wethu, African Development University, Africa Intellectuals/Scholars and African Futures, held as part of the Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo legacy restoration project.

Ndlovu said Umdala Wethu, as Nkomo was popularly known, was among African nationalists who made immense contribution to the birth of Pan-Africanism in a bid to eliminate inferiority complex among the black people.

Ndlovu said he edited a book entitled Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo of Zimbabwe: Politics, Power, and Memory in 2017, in which he noted that Nkomo was a man who made compromises for justice.

“What emerges from that book is that Nkomo was a nationalist and diplomat; Nkomo was a philosopher of liberation; Nkomo was an advocate of land reclamation,” he said.

“I wonder how else we can understand Nkomo’s sacrifices, struggles and compromises except as a person who was on fire for justice.”

The MSU lecture was the fourth after previous ones held at the Witwatersrand (Wits) University, Johannesburg, South Africa (June 2017), Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Polytechnic, Gwanda (September 2017), and the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) campus in June 2018.

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