Huge blow for Chamisa

BY BLESSED MHLANGA/ Rutendo Matanhike

A DIPLOMATIC offensive by the Nelson Chamisa-led MDC within the Sadc region appears to be hitting a brick wall as the bloc has indicated that there are no issues threatening security and politics in Zimbabwe to warrant putting the country on the agenda of the August summit in Tanzania.

Sadc executive secretary Stergomena Lawrence Tax, currently in the country ahead of the summit, said she was not aware of any issues in Zimbabwe or raised by the opposition MDC to warrant putting the country on the agenda of the August 17-19 summit.

“What are the issues? Why are they pushing for a country to be put on the agenda? We have procedures and don’t put a member state of Sadc on the agenda because
we have been pushed to do that,” Tax said.

“There are issues we have to consider and I have never received anything from the opposition. Sadc has also not received anything from the opposition, so I
cannot discuss something which I have not seen.”

Chamisa has vowed to pile pressure on Sadc, the African Union and the international community to force President Emmerson Mnangagwa to the negotiating table
with the MDC to resolve the country’s escalating economic crisis.

The youthful opposition leader argues that Mnangagwa is an illegitimate leader who stole the July 30, 2018 general elections from him and should, therefore,
step down and allow for fresh elections before completing his fire-year term, which ends in 2023.

Sadc has, however, endorsed Mnangagwa’s victory and will be handing him the rotating chairmanship of the organ on politics, peace and security in August.
“I am very happy to be here in Harare to brief the President of Zimbabwe, as you are all aware that he is our incoming chairperson of the organ on politics,
peace and security and that he will be taking over in August 2019,” Tax said.

“That being the case, he is expected to guide the region in terms of politics, peace and security issues. We had a very fruitful meeting and we have touched on

a number of issues, for instance, the obligation of Zimbabwe as the incoming chairperson of the organ, the responsibilities and issues to be followed up.”
MDC deputy spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka said it was an anomaly that Zimbabwe could be allowed to chair an organ of the regional bloc given that the country
was slipping into a state of anarchy because of the economic meltdown and disputed election results.

“It is an anomaly that Zimbabwe should be chairing anything at the moment given the insecurity in the country, because of the economic instability,”
Tamborinyoka said.

“Peace and security is threatened and the country can implode at any moment, yet Sadc says Zimbabwe should chair an organ on peace and security. Instead, they
should be a subject of discussion.”

The MDC said it was time that the Sadc leadership took seriously the unfolding crisis facing the country and act before it implodes, but government has warned it would ruthlessly crush any attempt to destabilise peace and security in the country.

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  1. Kutonhodzwa KwaChauruka

    With ED soon to be at the helm of the SADC troika, Nelson achati ‘daddy’ nemuridzo kuna Cde ED!!

  2. Mr Editor, it looks like your editorial policy is take seriously nonsensical issues pertaining to a crisis manufactured out of mishandling of a loss in an electoral process by one little N.Chamisa and MDC A including it’s gullible supporters and followers.
    The whole world was watching when our July, 2018 plebiscite drama was unfolding as the main actor in loosing the elections got into an overdrive lying about a rigged election!
    To our chagrin and surprise all so-called ‘independent’ or ‘private’ media have chosen to believe in Little N.Chamisa’s political antiques and lies with no shame at all.
    All electoral records are there for everyone to see and the MDC A election agents endorsed the outcome of elections at every polling station and their winning candidates duly sworn-in as elected MPs and are currently serving their running term.Mr Editor it is a fact that the MDC A is the minority party in our parliament, and any other insinuation to suggest that this party won an election simply borders on dishonesty and misinformation of the highest order. N.Chamisa lost the Presidential race fair and square.
    To suggest that our beloved Motherland is in an economic crisis because Little N.Chamisa lost an election is simply dishonesty.
    Our crisis is not political neither! It is well documented that our crisis is brought about by the deleterious, ruinous, satanic, punitive and illegal economic sanctions wrought on our Motherland by the imposing foreign countries who used to be our major trading partners at the instigation, invitation, and prayed for by the MDC A. The cause and reason of the imposition of the economic sanctions is to make our economy scream and impoverish the population, and in turn the population would turn against the ZANU P.F government and remove it from power through undemocratic means.
    Hence the President ED has identified engagement and re-engagement as the panacea to our economic development as envisioned in the ‘middle income status by 2030’ development policy.In the meantime, dialogue among patriotic political parties is ongoing, largely centered on developmental issues. Unfortunately, little N.Chamisa has boycotted hoping to be granted special invitation wrapped in a ‘GNU’foil paper him (Chamisa N.) as a ‘Prime Minister’. Yes, this is wonderful to the ears of his ‘stupid’ supporters and followers who believe in every lie he spews out to them…….

  3. Chamisa, and your angry clown Biti sit down! The best you can do is focus on service delivery from the parliamentary constituencies you won and focus on 2023! Of which the MDC might never recover. Good luck.

  4. MukarangawekuMberengwa

    Taneta taruhwa vanhu vatambura panzvimbo yokuti ipinde nhaurirano yemareforms avakatadza kuita nguva yeGNU kuitira mopinda 2023 pasina zvipingidzo ivo vanongoita ruzha gwodzinga mainvestors tiwane mabasa. Dai mwana waChamisa naBiti vachidzidza kuMbare ndaiiti totambura tese kwete vanodzidza zvikoro zvemhene kuratidza politics inobhadhara. Nyika ikaita stable politics dzeruvengo dzopera toita dzeservice delivery kwete kungotengegwa wavekutorova munhu

  5. Am inclined to believe that inexperience can indeed be a political liability, especially to some still imbued in student activism.As noted in a previous posting,the manufactured,if not half-baked political crisis in Zim is impossible to sell to the international community, moreso given the fact that the due legal redress sought by the opposition went through.Otherwise by accommodating this murky request, the international community may run the risk of setting a very bad precedent on elections.Again, as inexperience would have it, the best opportunity for the boys to impact was to play constructive opposition which the electorate would embrace ahead of the next election.Jecha activism and a violent takeover of state power may not be trending with the suffering people.The kids should have grabbed the opportunity for dialogue yesterday, as the train seems to have left them, most likely forever.

  6. All this foolishness you are trying to , all is that people of Zimbabwe are suffering in the hands of ED hazvidi chikoro izvi we are suffering I m sure time is now up something will going to happen,mark these words.

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